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In Topic: Metal Gear Solid 4

17 June 2008 - 03:27 PM

I have not played the online a ton(and I doubt I will), but from what I played its disapointing. The initial setup is ridiculously long and pointless. Why do I have to create a konami ID and password, a game ID and password, and a charater ID? Why do I have to give Konami my email address and then check my email and confirm through a link. The setup is more work then signing up for a credit card and is pointless. All I want to do is boot up the game and play, not make 3 different passwords and fill out needless forms. Anyways thats just my rant about the setup. The online in a way feels alot like lost planets. It is obviously quite different, but there are a lot of similarites,(slow movement, slow running speed, jumping). One major thing that I hate in games is a big aiming reticule. MGS4's aiming reticule is massive. I understand if they were going for a realistic bullet spread, but games like rainbow 6 vegas and GRAW do it much better in that the reticule size is constantly changing( big if you are shooting or running. Small if you are standing still and carefully aiming) The game feels very strategically skillful, but not skillful in the way that I like shooting games. I am sure it will appeal to alot of people and I did see some cool things. I will have to try out all the online modes more before makeing a complete decision. I have a friend who is a MGS nut so I am sure I will play more online with him.

In Topic: Metal Gear Solid 4

16 June 2008 - 04:09 PM

I'll just through my two cents in for what its worth. Initially I was very disapointed in the game and while the game definetly has grown on me, I still think that any reviewer giving this game a 10 is just down right lying and I won't trust another review by them. When a game gets reviewed and gets a 10, that is a perfect score and I expect a perfect game. MGS4 is far from perfect. Before anyone jumps on me for saying that I just want to say that yes I have played almost all metal gear games and yes I do enjoy the series(including MGS4). I have alot of complaints about the game that I am not going to go into, but I will mention that I think the AI can be horrendous sometimes, the movement is still slow and clunky, and the online is disapointing. Overall I like the game and I think it is a good game, just not perfect and very overhyped.

In Topic: Resistance: The Fall of Man

03 December 2007 - 06:32 PM

Right now I am playing through the single player and I have tryed the multiplayer out a little bit. So far I really like the singler player and while the multiplayer seems fun, its not going to take me away from other shooters I am playing online for long. However I was wondering if anyone here has played this online or would care to party up sometimes if they have it. I just bought a bluetooth headset for my PS3 and I am looking for a good reason to try it out while giving Resistance some more time online.

In Topic: PGR4

03 December 2007 - 04:52 PM

Is this a game that I can just pick up and play and fly around the track without having to "realistically" brake and down shift every turn? I remember trying to play Forza 2 but it was too difficult.

DIRT demo was one of the funnest racing games I've played. I loved how you could just fly into and brake hard on every corner. I only played the demo but it rocked :)

Yes, learning correct braking is necessary to do well in this game( and it does take some practice), but I definetly would not say the PGR series is a true racing sim. PGR rewards skillful playing, but it is much more forgiving then games like Forza(2). PGR balances sim/arcade racing perfectly and this is why I love the series so much. For example, while playing PGR4 I can fly down a track with snow or rain effects on and do stuff like use my ebrake to slide around turns. It takes some practice to learn, but if you stick it out there is an incredible sense of speed and thrills(especially when using A class cars) in this game that I don't find in racing sims. In my opinions, PGR is closer to gameplay like Dirt then it is to Forza,GT,and moto GP series. When first playing the game I would definitely recommend sticking to learning only a few vechicles you like at a time because there can be huge differences in the way the cars/bikes handle even in the same vechicle class.

In Topic: PGR4

02 December 2007 - 04:39 PM

This game has not gotten alot of attention on here so I just wanted to point out how good I think this game is. I loved PG3, but this is way better. At first I was not crazy about the new career mode but it has grown on me and now I like it quite a bit. The online is really fun and it runs almost perfect. Graphics are amazing and the core game play is very skill based, while not being anal like GT. Its a great buy and I know I will be still playing it in a couple years.

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