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Concourse Gametype

Halo 2

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#1 vociferous

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Posted 15 March 2005 - 02:45 PM

For those interested, I know there are a lot of people who hate dropping that sixth player and falling down to five. Now when you fall to five there's no need to boot that fourth player if you enjoy driving the vehicles of Halo 2. I've made three different game types which I've been tooling with that I think can be quite entertaining on a handful of maps. This isn't a shooter game, it's racing, so if you're not interested, this is your queue to leave.

There are three gametypes: Concourse Gray, Concourse Red and Concourse Violet, all of which are indentical except for one element, the vehicle. To build this gametype, you create a Team Slayer custom game with the basic specifications:
  • Overshields turned on
  • No respawn
  • No time limit
  • Only one light vehicle should be selected depending on the gametype (Gray = Gauss Hog, Red = Spectre, Violet = Ghost)
  • All other vehicles and turrets should be off
  • Only one primary weapon, the Magnum, should be available (grenades and weapons, both starting and on the map shoud be off)
You can already see how it shapes up. Each gametype color represents a different vehicle that can be used. There are only really four maps currently that I enjoy this gametype on, possibly a six and here they are with the course highlighted (a line or circle marks the starting point):

Burial Mounds (supports only two racers)

The other two maps are obviously Zanzibar and Foundation, and both could support this gametype but I haven't developed a good course that could be run on either. The other four are perfect though. Burial Mounds provides some solid one-on-one banked-turn action, Coagulation is an offroad map, fully of hills and jumps that can change the lead in an instance, Headlong has some sharp turns, concrete/dirt tracking and a big leap into oncoming traffic at the end, and Waterworks is a long, winding map for highspeed racing.

Of the three vehicles, there's obvious differences. The Warthog during Concourse Gray handles extremely loose, forcing racers to wrestle their vehicle often but it's extremely satisfying. The Spectre is used during Concourse Red and is not as unwieldy as the former, but definitely has bulk and some fair speed; it's size makes grinding into corners essential. The Ghost of Concourse Violet is the fastest vehicle, but it has the best control and it's size and propulsion system allow great ease guiding it around turns among other racers.

The way the game works is this. Of the five gamers (in the case of the three latter maps), four of them go on red team and the fifth goes on blue. The four round up the four light vehicles and bring them to the starting line unscathed. The four vehicles are set in a single row or in pairs. The blue team member stands nearby, and fires the Magnum into the air signalling the start of the race. The four members rocket off to complete the course under a set number of laps. The only rule of the honor system in this gametype is that players don't do two things: cut the predefined course and ram the vehicle into a turn stead of braking. Bumping, shoving and rubbing is definitely allowed.

At first the tracks seem difficult to some degree, but once they are reigned in, they're a lot of fun to jet around, especially side-by-side with others, trying to get the lead. I may try this sometime when I'm on, let me know if you're interested...

#2 Syracuse022


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Posted 15 March 2005 - 08:22 PM

Sounds cool- I'm game! Halo Motorsport Halo Underground Halo 2: Dub Edition Project Halo Racing...

#3 Kinetic


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Posted 15 March 2005 - 08:36 PM

And if we had the Mongoose we could do Halo Offroad Fury. These sound fun Voc. I want to try them out some time.

#4 vociferous

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Posted 15 March 2005 - 08:44 PM

Thanks. I've been having fun with them and I hoping for the Mongoose to return for DLC, along with some more maps that are racing friendly...

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