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Campaign Sections as Multiplayer Maps?

21 December 2010 - 04:23 PM

Hey all, I'm a late joiner to the party & wondered how you guys were feeling about the use of campaign levels as multiplayer maps? It's a topic that's been buzzing around in my head for some reason and I'm always interested in the arguments for and against any issues as well as my gut feelings... To give my two pennies worth; whilst in many ways I do feel that it is a little, lazy perhaps, of Bungie to use sections of the campaign such as powerhouse and swordbase as mulitplayer levels, it does remind me of the overall story, and grounds my experience right on Reach rather than out on one of the Halos. That said, I'm not convinced that there has not been a pretty massive time saving by putting working in bits of the campaign so obviously, and I cant help but feel just a tiny bit cheated... V

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