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14 June 2014 - 10:47 PM

Yeah, Niterider's post was practically incorrect in every aspect. All 3 titans have the same shield. And Stryder in the right hands is deadly death. Ogre is most useful with timed weapons. Railgun, Arc Cannon... It does not go well with Triple Threat. Stryder with a Burst Fire Quad Rocket or Ext Mag Triple Threat? That's a winner. Slap Dash Quickcharger on and dance around while reloading. It also is a win button in Attrition with an Arc Cannon. Avoid Titan fights and just blow away minions with a 50% charge. You'll often get Pilots on a bounce, too.

Shield core is the absolute best ability if used properly. Its shield is a double shield. If you pop it immediately as your regular shield drops, you basically get 3 layers of body shield. Damage core is totally dependent on your weapon. Pair it with Arc Cannon? Practically useless. It also doesn't really last long enough to get more than one salvo out of it.

They all have different base health, shield has nothing to do with it.


I think there's a discrepancy between the PC and Xbone versions.  I imagine on a controller taking out speedy, airborne pilots is rather difficult so it's viable to target either just other titans or to minion farm.  On PC you can take out airborne pilots just fine with a Chaingun, so that is my preferred weapon as it's effective against Titans as well.  This means that minion farming on PC is never a viable strategy.  In general the PC crowd favors the 40 mm or chaingun (occasionally the triple play), so Damage Core is useful there.  Also I think the precision issue would make the Stryder dancing more viable on Xbone than on PC.  Dancing is good on PC but I've never been in a situation where I felt like a Stryder (dash recharge/core or otherwise) would be better than the Atlas + dash recharge, even when I was using the Stryder.  With the precision of PC I think the Atlas's additional health is more important than LOLDASH.


I often find myself not using cores at all, since victory is already pretty much guaranteed if I manage to get one charged.  So they generally don't get used until the epilogue, in which case Damage Core is the only one that is useful (espcially against new Titanfalls and the evac ship).


Having played with each of the titans a little more, I would only use the Stryder if we were already winning by a landslide.  The mobility helps hunt down pilots and rogue titans, and you've got so many titans on the field Damage Core and Shield Core won't ever help you, nor will extra health.  For an even match I would still use the Atlas.


After playing with the Ogre a little bit more I think it would be useful if you're team is losing.  At that point maneuverability isn't going to help you and Shield Core (if you can get it) + Shield Regen would make a major difference.  Regardless of platform precision you're going to be getting hit from every direction and at that point health and getting those shields up is all that matters.

In Topic: Xbox One

12 June 2014 - 05:28 PM

Can't.  DD Steam Sale :S

In Topic: Xbox One

11 June 2014 - 03:33 PM


Come on Noobrider, you gotta jump in sucka. 

You gotta say "sucka" at least 4 more times before you have a convincing argument.


But seriously, no.  I'll reiterate again, the Xbone doesn't have any exclusive titles announced I'm interested in other than Halo, and that simply isn't enough anymore.  I'll probably pick one up when it hits $150-200 a few years from now if they manage to muster up a few more decent exclusives.


The PS4 at least has some exclusives I want announced, and I still probably won't touch that for a few years, especially with my existing backlog.  I haven't even finished AC3 or Bioshock Infinite yet.

In Topic: Titanfall

11 June 2014 - 03:25 PM

That's part of the Titanfall problem. There's not enough to unlock, and only 3 weapons worth a damn.

Indeed, the game is horribly imbalanced.  Probably a result of the fact the game was released unfinished (either that or it was the same balance team as MW2).  I played it a little more but out of three Titans only the Atlas is useful.  Stryder dies to quick for it's mobility to matter and damage core is significantly better than what the other two have.

In Topic: E3

10 June 2014 - 08:03 PM



Ah yes, my favorite argument. "I don't like it so it's objectively terrible!" Just because you don't like a new IP doesn't make it bad.  Essentially anything that doesn't fit your biased opinion is universally bad. Quality argument. 

Which is fine. You can be all into the PC, it's really okay. I was merely mocking the fact that the only way you would've been happy was if PC suddenly became the center of E3 and not consoles.

I like how you picked one facet of my argument and ran with it instead of taking on the argument as a whole.  Not to mention that argument goes the other way around.  Which I already made the point already that we've been suffering from Kinect and "TV" based E3's for so long that we've lost perspective on what a good conference really is.


If there was another remastering of Star Wars, we'd be like "not this crap again...."  Most movie remakes get thrashed by critics for the cash grab it is.  And yet, in gaming people are eating remakes like candy.  Worse, we're seeing remakes on games made less than two years ago.  And they're pulling this from the guise of "we're sorry our console isn't backwards compatible."  That's a dangerous position for us to be in, as it does nothing for the consumer except empty wallets by tricking us into paying for the game twice.


I will give 343 credit though.  They are remaking games from 10 years ago which has more validity to it in of itself.  But they're also putting in a ton of effort.  That's partially why MS rates higher than Sony.  Sony's giving us "The Last of Us" which released last year.  How freaking dumb do they think we are? DURH, PRETTIER GRAPHICS DURH TAKE MY MONEY...


Your humor is understood.  But in all seriousness, all I want is for publishers to actually give a crap about PC, and that's the source of my frustration and criticism.  It's a rapidly growing platform that's being held back by companies like Infinity Ward producing inferior ports, Konami and Bungie excluding it entirely, and developers sacrificing graphics and gameplay due to console restrictions (Crytek).  And this time around the new consoles are very, very weak compared to hardware that existed when they launched, so the problem will be worse if this gen lasts as long as the last one did.

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