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Star Citizen

27 May 2014 - 08:24 PM

The dogfighting module which was promised in December is finally being released in two days.


This you console peasants, Star Citizen is a game developed by Chris Roberts.  He was responsible for flight simulation classics such as Wing Commander.  He's been out of the gaming industry for quite some time, and now he's in development for Star Citizen.


Roberts initially pitched his idea to several developers; a PC only game that would target the highest end hardware utilizing the best the Cryengine 3 has to offer.  To give you an idea of how much power will need to be thrown at it, Roberts is developing on dual SLI GTX 680's.


Not a single published bought his idea.  I'm not surprised.  The mere thought that a developer might target PC only with title that's too graphically powerful to ever port to consoles is ludicrous and obviously doesn't make any money.


So Roberts decided to prove publishers wrong, as they often are.  Roberts crowdfunded the game, and now it's sitting at over $40 mil raised as of March.


To give you an idea of how beautiful this game will be, here's some footage.  Keep in mind the game at this point was probably in an Alpha Phase, and Roberts himself is making fun that some things don't work yet.  Nothing you see here is pre-rendered CGI, this is all in game engine.  Watch Dog's bullshots this ain't.




I'm excited for Star Citizen for several reasons.


1) It looks fun

2) It's a graphic powerhouse

3) It gives publishers the middle finger


After looking at what Robert's work so far, the game looks like the antithesis of the crap being spewed from EA and Activision these days.  It's a title with an artist's vision as opposed to recycled (Call of Duty), streamlined (Dead Space 3) and unfinished (Battlefield 4) crap released because they'll still sell like hotcakes reminiscent of the Sonic Cycle (in fact, will probably save money when release in that condition (Titanfall)).

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