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Bungie Weekly Update

Halo: Reach

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#41 vociferous

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Posted 22 April 2005 - 04:12 PM

Wow. They're taking out sudden death? I can see the reason they did it as being legitimate but don't you think there could have been other alternatives? Is a minute long enough to form a comeback? 12 Noon, I guess is the time for me. I was wrong about the time and for once I'm glad that I was wrong...

#42 Gamble

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Posted 22 April 2005 - 05:24 PM

Man im glad they are turning off the radar. Ill go for the invisibility more now. Taking sudden death off is for the best really. I can't really think of a better way to deal with the bomb being hidden on the map.

#43 vociferous

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Posted 22 April 2005 - 05:49 PM

Was he just talking about head-to-head games with the radar or every game type? And Ivan, they hooked you up boss. This update fixes the Midship/Oddball situation they had mentioned before. It sounds likea good solution to me...

#44 Gamble

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Posted 22 April 2005 - 08:15 PM

Yeah I read it slower now since we got off live. It is only for head to head. :( :(

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Posted 29 April 2005 - 05:44 PM

Hella dudes ask,
How's the playlist update coming? When can we expect it to go live?

The playlist update is still undergoing a test pass but things are progressing nicely.? We're still hoping to have it ready for your enjoyment in just a few more days - most likely middle to late next week.? In the meantime, remember that you and your friends can play the new maps as much as you like via custom games. Check out our forums if you're looking for more map owners to play with!

Lots of folks wonder,
What's included in the Playlist updates?

This is just a taste. A lot of things the vast majority of players won't notice, but here's one or two of the more visible and necessary changes. Note that NONE of these has been done casually. All of this has undergone testing and tweaking. Thanks to Jeremiah and Sketch for the new info.
Sudden Death has been removed from all Assault variants to prevent griefing. If you think that griefing was a legitimate tactic, you are simply going to have to learn other basic skills. You all knew that doing it was bogus, aggravated the other teams and was fundamentally imbalanced. Did we have any responsibility there? Sure. And we've fixed it. Thing is, we accept all our responsibilities, while griefers continue to defer theirs. Stop cheating, stop griefing, and don't cry about how it's our fault for making it possible. We had issues with our designs that did make it possible, but nobody forced you to exploit them. Especially when other teams DON'T do it. Griefers who complain about OUR responsibility to stop them from cheating should dial 911 and ask for a Waaahmbulance.
Round time for Assault variants has been increased globally to give teams a better chance to score since sudden death is gone. That should mean more epic struggles, and some maps, like Headlong, will become very, very interesting?

?especially since we've removed Banshee from CTF and Assault games on Ascension and Headlong. Why? Because griefers will surf the bomb to unreachable places anyway, just to be jackasses.

No more Plasma Pistol / Battle Rifle ownage in Slayer games on Beaver Creek or Colossus - we now use Human weapon sets for Slayer variants on those two maps. This will be controversial and we understand there is some small skill required to use the combo, but frankly it has become tiresome on those maps. It takes far more skill to win without that combo. More skill = more fun, right?

Motion Detector (radar) has been removed in all head to head playlist variants. This one I'm personally ambivalent about. Partly because of my inability to look at radar while fighting/getting owned. Partly because it sometimes adds a layer of strategy (creeping on objective based games, being a good example) but we hear the thronging masses. Loads of noise demanding its removal and almost total silence on the opposite opinion.

The majority of game variants on Coagulation and Burial mounds will now start players with Battle Rifle and an SMG - exceptions include games such as Team Snipers, Team Rifles or other variants which feature specific weapon sets. THIS one we expect universal approval on. Now that I can actually shoot the Battle Rifle with some modicum of skill, I will be putting it to good use. We've done more palatable Battle Rifle starts on the newer maps too, but since they're not in matchmaking yet, you'll have to take our word for it.

We've added King and Oddball variants to Head to Head to encourage more conflict, less hiding and more variety.

No more Phantoms. You'll have to custom game that one. Phantoms was a rarity anyway. Now it's just super-ultimate-rare. That is to say., gone.

We've added new CTF and Assault variants which feature Covenant vehicles just for variety. The Spectre is making an appearance and should make for some interesting encounters. Shouldn't really change balance too much though.

When is the leaderboard reset going to happen?
When are the Halo 2 Xbox Live leaderboards being reset?

The leaderboard reset is tied to the playlist update, so we anticipate this will happen around the middle to late next week.? Players should be prepared for their levels to reset at some point next week.? We can't say with 100% certainty due to unknowns with the test process and Xbox Live dependencies.? For now, plan on this all going down next week.? And for the record, your friends lists will NOT be reset nor impacted in any way whatsoever. The leaderboard reset will only impact the level that appears next to your name in the ranked playlists.
Just to clear up one odd rumor about this ? we're resetting EVERYONE'S stats, not just the top 1000. Don't know where that rumor came from. Also, remember that your rank is only designed to match you against players of similar ability. It serves no other purpose. The upcoming contests we plan to run will be based solely on merit ? not your rank. We will in fact ignore rank and look at legitimate match results. Rank whoring and cheating show up like a red flag, and will result in immediate banning from matchmaking. So don't do it. You've been warned.

Mr. Robbins asks,
Hi, I own multiple Xboxes. Do I have to purchase the new maps (assuming I want them immediately and not when they become free) for each separate Xbox I have, or is there a way I can dupe them to my other machines?

I'm afraid so. The maps are sold on a per-box basis, much like downloadable music, or in fact, any kind of software. This is done to prevent piracy of course; otherwise every school in America would be passing around one memory card with a Live account on it. Like it or not, the new content requires thousands of man hours, resources and other costs to produce, and even though we love puppies AND babies, we're not a charity. That said, when they are eventually free, in summer, you can go nuts and fill up as many Xboxes as you like.

BlackMagic says,
I was playing a game and it was lagging when ever I got close to the other team .once it went into blue screen and then when I got out there was a guy how came up behind me and killed me from behind when I was sniping.??

Jerks can still cause standby to happen, they just can't use it effectively, as they did before the autoupdate ? this is a hardware issue, not a software problem. It can happen with any game attached to a modem. However, we are also much, much more efficient at automatically spotting this behavior and we've been banning offenders from matchmaking forever. They are also ejected from games for doing it. Basically it's a total waste of time.

SentinelMujer asks,
What's up with the RSS feed? It seems sort of sporadic. Am I doing something wrong???

Our RSS feed allows Halo 2 players to incorporate Bungie.net Halo 2 stats into their own websites (among other things). However, due to higher-than-expected usage, we've temporarily reduced the number of games the RSS query returns, but are actively pursuing a way to return it to its former glory. Please bear with us and we apologize for the inconvenience.

SUIV asks,
Hey. I'm sure you get enough annoying questions but can you tell me what the record for the most suicides is because my friend and his friends held a game and they got 10680 suicides. Is that a record or a waste of time.

If it's in a custom game, it's an impressive statistic. But also a complete waste of time. Also, play around in custom games by all means, but don't do it in matchmaking, or you could be banned.

Kittenz asks ,
What about the as yet unreleased maps. Any news???

Hopefully by next week we'll have some new details

I must say I'm very happy with the new changes. BR and SMG start for Coag and Burial Mounds, no more bitch combo (PP/BR) on Colossus and Beaver Creek, no more sudden death on Assault games, and finally putting that idiotic "friends list reset" rumor to rest.


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Posted 29 April 2005 - 06:17 PM

No more Plasma Pistol / Battle Rifle ownage in Slayer games on Beaver Creek or Colossus - we now use Human weapon sets for Slayer variants on those two maps. This will be controversial and we understand there is some small skill required to use the combo, but frankly it has become tiresome on those maps. It takes far more skill to win without that combo. More skill = more fun, right?


#47 vociferous

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Posted 29 April 2005 - 08:08 PM

Heh, I had new details on the upcoming maps this week. Beat that! And yeah, I agree with you on all three of those counts Kinetic.

#48 vociferous

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Posted 06 May 2005 - 05:17 PM

Bungie Weekly What's Update

A few nuggets of information here. Nothing to go nuts about, but that doesn't matter, because people go nuts anyway. There's no stopping them. This week, a few bits and bobs on multiplayer, and a couple of screens from the new maps because I was too lazy to do a Mister Chief. Well, that and the fact that OXM is out now. But these are slightly different ones.

Hella dudes ask,

I just read about the new maps in OXM. Can you tell me any more about them?


    * Relic is a big map set on a sandy islet on Delta Halo. A large Forerunner structure runs along its spine, and in CTF games, is a primary flag point. The structure contains loads of weapons, a teleport (that has to be unlocked) and plenty of hiding places. The varying terrain, and a human base at the tip of the island, provide lots of variety. We like playing single flag CTF with middle to large sized teams on it.
    * Backwash is set in a swamp on Delta Halo. You can tell it's Delta Halo because Penitent Tangent is floating around humming to himself. The mist and trees provide plenty of cover, and a central power generating structure is a great place to get ambushed with a shotgun. The map works really well for Slayer, Oddball, and King of the Hill, but CTF and Assault are challenging too.
    * Terminal is a larger, asymmetric map with lots of vertical levels, two parking lots, and oh yeah, a superfast out of control train hurtling through the map in either direction. It's a very, very flexible map that works for all sorts of Gametypes. CTF, snipers, team Slayer, you name it. Good use of vehicles and an Earth setting give it a scary, gritty feeling. There are also lots of hiding places.
    * Gemini is a deceptively big and mostly indoor level set on High Charity. The Covenant environment is dark and foreboding, and the twisty corridors and teleporters make it a tough level to navigate when you're pursuing a flag carrier, for example. Learning shortcuts here is key to success, and note the location of the enormous Prophet statue?
    * Elongation is a remake of Longest, set aboard an orbiting spacecraft, actually a supply ship near the Cairo. Two moving conveyor belts move materiel and supplies (crates) along the central spine of the structure, while smart players try to stay above the fray as long as possible. Fantastic for small team CTF and Assault matches, but just as much fun for slayer mayhem. Don't forget to look out of the windows. Pretty out there?

Lots of folks wonder,

My lag sucks. I got the new maps and the update, but it seems like everything is laggier than before. What's the deal?

We have some code in the game that trains your Xbox to look for the fastest, cleanest connections. When you autoupdated, the slate was wiped clean. Your Xbox is now in the process of training itself to find smooth, quick connections again. The same thing happened after the last autoupdate too. Should be better even as you read this, as long as you're putting in the hours.

Josh asks,

I was reading a thread in the xbox.com forums, and some guy said that Bungie was releasing a disc with like 9 new maps and a new cutscene for like 20 bucks. i was just wondering, if it's true, where i could get it. i assume it's true 'cause he said they were available through Live for $11 I think. But I don't have live 'cause i can't get DSL or cable where i live, so I reaaaally need the disc.

The thread was correct. On June 28th in the US at least, you can purchase a disc that contains all the maps, all the updates (including the gameplay enhancements) and a couple of neat extras, including a documentary and an animation short. This disc is primarily for folks who don't have lIve, but want to play the new maps.

Pop the disc into your Xbox, it will install the new maps and autoupdate your game to include the new gameplay balances.

Millions ask,

Is that your head on the Halo ring in Containment?

No, that's a natural cloud formation that happens to look exactly like a photograph of our tallest staff member.

Jcoffman78 asks,

I am wondering, How is it possible to get better at this game when I keep getting my ass kicked? I just don't see the benefits to a butt whipping!

So, there are loads of ways to practice. We have Rumble Training, where you can learn to fight head to head against other players. We have Team Training, where you can learn the ins and outs of objective games. You can also start empty matches to learn the locations of objects, practice firing, practice weapon combos and generally improve your skills, without affecting your rank.

Parfait asks ,

My experience levels are all weird, and so are those of my friends. What's the deal? 

Some players have reported that they have weird level drops or gains after just one game. This is due to various caching and other mechanisms; you'll notice odd jumps for a few days after the reset.  To fix this, all you have to do is keep playing in the playlists, and the system will autocorrect as you gain/lose experience over time.

Illegaltomo asks,

you have to do something about the weapons on halo 2 there not carnage enough bring out some weapon downloads for halo2 with weapons like chainsaws and gatlin guns that is what guns you need to take down a sparton.

There won't be any weapon downloads for Halo 2. Occasionally, we will play around with the rules to put turrets in places you normally wouldn't find them ? like Lockout ? or move starting weapons around, but there's no facility to add new weapons into the game and no plans to introduce that. Also, you can play around with those options yourself in the settings menu.

Billy asks ,

Let?s say we?re playing an assault game on foundation, our team is losing, only 1 or 2 minutes left, the other team have the bomb but they aren?t trying to score anymore. They keep the bomb in one of the rooms. We attack them and get the bomb, but as soon as they recover the bomb, they return to the same room and get cover. My point is, there aren?t trying to score, so it harder to get the bomb and get even. Is that legal? 

Yes it's "legal" although probably annoying. If you can get to the bomb by straightforward means, no matter how well defended it is, then there's no cheating going on, just an irritating strategy. If they surf the bomb out of the geometry on a Banshee, or get it to somewhere the other team can't physically reach, then that's crap. It's like spawn camping. It's really, really annoying, but it can be defended against.

Forzo asks ,

When I enter Team Preview, I seem to get more old maps than new. What's the deal? 

The maps are picked at random, but weighted towards the new ones, so you've basically been unlucky, but we are going to increase the frequency of the new maps anyway, so you should see them more often in Team Preview.

Silent Xenocide asks,

Hi, I have a question about the stats, or more accuratley, my stats. Anyways, since I started playing yesterday on the new update, I should of been on the top 1000 players list for team prievew, I should be on it right now, but im not. Could you find it in your small heart to tell me why ? 

Well, as I write this, there are about 60k players online which is low. That means that even if you'd gotten up early, you'd have needed to play and win a ton of games to place in the top 1000. And besides, the ranks are designed to match you with players of equivalent skill, not to be used as some kind of trophy.

SuperCarpet asks,

I was playing double team on ivory tower when my internet started to lag a bit. But what intrigues me most is, i heard the other team say that i walked through a wall and started accusing me of standby! The thing is,my modem doesn't support standby and i'm just as against cheating as you are!
I'm almost positive the other team reported me for cheating , but i didn't!
I dont want to be banned, so please help! 

We use more than just feedback to ban people for pressing standby. Other data is visible that shows whether or not standby was used, and you certainly won't be banned for one instance of feedback. So relax. And don't cheat.

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Posted 13 May 2005 - 08:16 PM


All of a sudden people are asking,

I just went to my favorite game retail site, and they claim that the game is going to release on July 5th. I thought it was coming out a week before that?

It was. But now it's not. Slight delay while we make it marginally more awesome. July 5th is the new date. Which is pretty convenient since it lets you play during your Fourth of July hangover.

FestFans ask,

Is Bungie gonna be at E3?

Sorta. Sketch is going down, dressed as a booth babe no doubt, and he'll be on hand to help folks play through the five remaining maps. That will be the first chance folks will have to play them outside of these offices, so it should be fun. Also, Sketch will be quite the social butterfly, attending a legendary SoCal LAN party and having the BEST SALSA EVER MADE. Deanero, get your Taco guy to send some back with Sketch. I am begging you.

Many, many people ask,

When are you going to change the rules on Slayer so that jerks get penalized for suicides? I'm sick of losing because an idiot or a team got one kill and then killed themselves over and over again to prevent me from winning ?

Yesterday. We adjusted the rules so that they lose. It happened to me today in fact, and it was hilarious as the guy took like seven suicides before he realized they were counting against him. I mean really, if you can't win, or play the game fairly, maybe it's just not the game for you. And here's a funny thing ? I get about 2000 PMs per day at Bungie.net and I have never, ever had one from an admitted cheat saying why they did it.

Lots of peeps demand to know,

When exactly is Volume 2 of the Halo 2 soundtrack coming out?

I can't tell you exactly, because we still don't have a definitive date. But it will be available in summer, hopefully around or shortly after the release of the map pack retail disc. The new material is a collector's dream, although if you're looking for a sort of broad soundtrack, I'd still recommend the original version. This new one is packed with stuff that we couldn't fit on the original soundtrack and tends towards the more obscure (but often cooler) tracks. We'll have more details on that pretty soon. Marty has actually finished assembling the album, and gathering rare snippets with a couple of special guest musicians we may never identify.

Fuzzypuffis asks,

If rankings aren't meant to be a trophy, why show people what their rankings are and why have leaderboards? you could keep everybody's rank hidden and still use it to match people up....

Is there ever going to be a fix for the bug where...someone quits, and all the weapons respawn? so there are multiple snipers, RL's, etc.

And put the Banshee into containment for CTF and assault...the map pretty much sucks *** as it is anyway, but with a few more vehicles to help get across the huge pointless open space, it might be better....if I wanted to run forever for no reason I'd play Everquest 2.

The rankings are designed for the vast majority of players, literally, millions, to be matched against players of similar skill. Leaderboards simply show off the top five or ten most elite players because frankly, people are curious.

The weapon respawn thing you're talking about would cause more problems if fixed, than it does now (most people don't notice) so I'm afraid it will likely never change. Obviously not optimal, but the good thing is that it sort of self-balances. The opposing team can grab the "cloned" weapons too.

Erm, it takes about 30 seconds to run through the central trench on Containment. Or take a Hog. Or play a custom game and put the Banshee in. In practice, they only last a couple of seconds anyway, or until the opposing team gets the rocket launcher.

Max Iodine asks,

Why do people have to be sore WINNERS?

Yep. Often I will lose, go back into the lobby and have someone berate me for losing. "You suck man, I owned you!!!"

Now this sort of confuses me, because normally a victory would make someone happy. But no. We live in a world where folks are sore winners AND losers. I blame parents and teachers for telling kids that they're ALL special. They're NOT all special. Newsflash, some of you are mediocre, and some of you are actually really crappy kids with bad manners and not much in the way of brains. When your mom tells you that you can be anything you want to be? She's totally lying dude. You're going to be working the graveyard shift and living in a loveless marriage in a bad part of town before you know it. Up to your eyes in debt, the closest thing you'll have to a friend will be the repo guy who just came to repossess that lemon of a Buick you bought. What were you thinking? And all because you couldn't keep your mouth shut after you won a game of Halo 2.

APK asks,

I just played a ridiculous game of assault on Headlong where a team member of mine kept started each round with betrayals and then killed all of us as the other team ran in the base so they could plant the bomb.
Where can I go to report this a-hole?

Just leave feedback on him after the game session. You can probably still find his Gamertag in your recent players list., scroll left from your friends list and press X to see what your options are. Enough cheating feedback will get him banned. Don't abuse feedback and use it only when you have a genuine grievance.

FrankDawg420 asks,

Why isn't the Fuel Rod gun available in multiplayer?

Two very good reasons, performance and balance. It's waaaaay too powerful for most of the Halo 2 maps, and it also chugs when you have more than a couple on screen at once. It would have been cool, but we have to make sure all the weapons are as balanced as possible and we have to keep the frame rate nice and smooth. Fuel Rod gun would have killed both.

Usertolley asks,

Now that the 360 has been unveiled, are you guys going to unveil Halo 3 for Xbox 360?

We're quite some time away from announcing what our next game is and for which platform. We'll tell you when we're ready to talk about it. The 360 looks sweet though. I've seen one in real life and it looks even better up close. Personally, I am very excited to have a new thing to attach to my HDTV. And the controller rules. Obvious MS bias aside, I can tell you it's one of my favorite controllers ever. Wires suck. Anyone who's used a Wavebird can tell you that. And now the subject has changed again.

Spiv asks,

What do you think of the 360? Have you played it? What are your impressions?

As I mentioned above, I have been lucky enough to play around with the controllers and the machine itself. It's lovely. The color is weird, hard to describe ? it's not exactly white and pearlescent would be the wrong way to describe it. It's sort of deep and shiny looking, and the contrast with the honeycomb vents, and the hard drive attachment is really nice. I keep reading on the forums about how it can't stand horizontally ? erm, it stands perfectly well. I will probably end up placing mine horizontally too, since the shelves on my entertainment center are too short for vertical placement. I'm looking forward to playing almost everything, from Perfect Dark Zero to Project Gotham 3. Those cars looked sick. I can also reveal that I had a chance to see Kameo up close and personal. It's utterly lovely. And full of surprises. And being a huge Ghost Recon fan?

And finally, KittenBus asked, can we see what Mister Chief would look like if Miyazaki made a Mister Chief movie?

I'm sure Mister Chief is next on Miyazaki's list.
Posted Image

I'm fuckin' pissed that we have to wait another week.




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#50 Jironimo


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Posted 13 May 2005 - 09:47 PM

I don't see this update you just quoted on the bungie.net page. Where did you get it?

#51 Blaze

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Posted 13 May 2005 - 09:48 PM

My ass.

#52 vociferous

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Posted 14 May 2005 - 01:56 PM

Yeah, is that just for the people who are getting the disc or for everyone, downloadable content seekers included? If the maps are polished enough for play at E3 2005, then I think they should be quite done by the middle of June. I was always under the impression Xbox Live subscribers would get the maps first, then the disc would be released...

#53 Kinetic


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Posted 14 May 2005 - 02:33 PM

Bungie didn't specify in the update, so I'd assume that meant the disc and the download.

#54 Major Hayes

Major Hayes

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Posted 17 May 2005 - 04:36 PM

It sounds to me like Microsoft is getting their paws into everything at Bungie, trying to milk Halo for all it's got. M$ was behind the selling of the new maps online, and their behind this trick to sell as much as possible, both on CD and online.

#55 Kinetic


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Posted 20 May 2005 - 06:32 PM

A hot chick asks,
Does the delay of the retail pack mean a delay for the downloadable version of the Maptacular Pack?

Yep. The main reason for us holding the downloadable version for that extra week is so that we can match up all the iterations of autoupdate, matchmaking playlist changes and so on. The maps themselves are done, so we're now in the land of retail shipping, matchmaking tuning and so on. Sorry to keep dragging it out. The reason the retail pack slipped was that we found a problem during the final test pass (which is what the final test pass is for, so I suppose it worked).

Aaron asks,
Bill Gates said you guys were working on Halo 3 in Time Magazine. If you deny this, or try to talk your way around it, you're basically saying he's a jerk. So is he? Is he a jerk?

No, he's awesome. Seriously. I once asked him if he had underwater speakers in his pool and he totally didn't have me killed for insolence. And for the record, he does. His subaquatic sound system is better than my terrestrial one.

Bungo asks,
When are you going to take the banshee out of Battle Rifles on Ascension?

We realize it's a pain in the ass, and we're taking it out during the next playlist update. Which will likely be timed to coincide with the new maps.

Lots of peeps demand to know,
Why are people quitting all the time? And what can you do to stop it? Can you ban them?

This is a tough one. We can't ban people for quitting, because we can't force them to play. It's annoying, it's lame, but it's not cheating and we're not in charge of their games. It's human nature. They don't like a map, they quit. They don't like losing, they quit. They got off to a bad start, they quit. We ARE looking at ways to mediate the problem, but a good example of our dilemma is this: If you were playing, and your wife went into labor, you quit and you get back and we've banned you from matchmaking? You're pissed! Not only that, but now you have a BABY. Which requires feeding and probably wants to go to a party school to do some binge drinking.
Crinkles asks,
Why do I keep getting Warlock more than say Turf or Sanctuary or Containment?

Simple statistics. There's weighting built in ? Warlock shows up a lot because almost everyone has it, and it's suitable for the more commonly played game types. That weighting will change when the next map pack is available and eventually when all the maps are free. In the interim, the best thing about Warlock if you don't like it, is that the games are always very short.

Swimmer61 asks,
Assuming Xbox 360 has backward compatibility (I realize this is definitely not confirmed yet), would I be able to play the Halo 2 campaign without the renders popping? I loved the campaign, especially the portion where MC was on Earth, but seeing the cutscenes load while I watched them kinda ruined the story for me, because rather than being immersed in the story (Bungie's goal, I believe) I was distracted. I work at a game store, and many customers I've spoken with share this opinion about single-player Halo 2.

That's an interesting question. It looks (according to our muckety-mucks) like the 360 will in fact be backward compatible and if it is, folks will definitely be playing Halo 2 on it. Thing is, we're almost certainly not going to revisit the 360 code. We're already too busy working on our next project. The pop-up was one of those compromises we had to make to ensure the nearly-zero loading times for the game. The alternative ? no popping and lots of loading, was actually much less palatable. To change or fix that, would take significant resources away from our new stuff, and I very much doubt we'd do that. And from what I understand, contrary to internet swirling, you would simply put your Halo 2 disc in a 360 and then play it. You wouldn't have to re-purchase some kind of 360 special edition version.

Anonymous Coward asks,
Is boosting cheating? And will I get banned for it?
Yes. As a matter of fact, you were actually stupid enough to include your Gamertag in this message, but by the time I'd checked, you had already been banned for matchmaking forever, because you'd already served out a seven day suspension and learned nothing from it. We're banning like crazy now, because we have better tools for detecting it. Boosting, for the non-cheaters amongst you, is the practice of "fixing" games so you play with your similarly idiotic buddy and artificially increase each others' rank. It sticks out like a sore thumb in our system kids. So QUIT DOING IT. And also, quit whining to me about your banning. I don't care. I look at the stats for every whiner email I get and they ALWAYS turn out to be a cheat. "It was my brother?.waaah." Well, even if it was your alleged brother, your account is being used to ruin everyone's experience. So bye-bye.

Frosty something asks,
I was just banned for no reason...Why? I don't know I logged on and BAM cant play till a day later and no reason why either. I haven't done anything wrong except play the game and waste my money on Xbox live service. I don't have tolerance for this kind of inconvenience especially when i didn't do anything to deserve it. Please explain to me in some sort of a sarcastic or idiotic way like you answer all of your other questions with why i was banned.

We didn't ban you. Xbox Live did. Most likely because of reporting from the Xbox Live feedback system. How's your language and attitude on Live?

CrossNatty D asks,
Colossus. Love the board but why do you only have one sniper on it .... it seems whoever is the lucky one to be close is the one who rules the board .... think about it make it even and have each side have a snipe ... you do that on a little board called Ascension.

I like that you call levels "boards." As if it were Galaxians. Folks also used to call them "sheets." The answer to your question is that with the inclusion of battle rifles and powerful grenades, it's hard to hang onto the sniper rifle for any length of time. I have not been owned by the sniper on Colossus since the update.
Alex 135 asks,
I was playing TS and admittedly only got 2, I got completely outclassed by everyone in the game. My team mates said that they'd leave feedback and get me banned for being bad in that one game. Can they do that?


Tenebrae asks,
You've said in the past that the retail disc with all the new maps will include some extras. What about those of us that paid for the new maps through xbox live? any chance that there might be a content download available to us early worms that will include those things?

There won't be a download through Xbox Live for those extras, but it is possible we might make them available on Bungie.net one day. Don't hold your breath, however. They'd be enormous files.

Ben asks,
When I sign in it shows my old gamer tag. I would like it to be my gamer tag that I recently changed two weeks ago.

It's permanently connected to your Passport account, and it's a minor pain in the butt, but you can do it here:
Instructions on how to fix your Gamertag.

Farnsworth asks,
I am one of three friends making a knock-off of red vs blue, called Spartans vs Elites, and we plan to make Terminal one of our main levels, but we need to know if Terminal will support the Banshee or heavy vehicles, and if it will allow for more than one light vehicle, especially on the train tracks. Also, when will there be pictures on your website for the other maps. Thanks for your time, and for making this great game.

In custom games, it supports pretty much everything. Right now, for matchmaking, it's scheduled to have Ghosts, a Hog, a Wraith and turrets. No Banshee. You can get vehicles on the tracks, but it takes some fancy driving.

Yeah, I didn't quote it. Ya wanna fight about it?!


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Posted 29 May 2005 - 07:16 PM

Bungie Weekly What's Update

It's Friday, it's 80 degrees outside, not a cloud in the sky. You think I wanna be here? Dang no. I wanna be sittin' in a boat sippin' suds and yelling Scottish obscenities at passing yachts. but no, here I am. Answering questions.

Curtis asks,

Hey Frankzorz, has the Multiplayer Maptacular map Pack shipped to retail manufacturing yet?

Yes, as a matter of fact it has! Huzzah. It'll be on store shelves (or available for download) on July 5th.

Ajenteks asks,

How's everyone in the office doing? Are you guys still drunk from success and slacking off or have you gotten back to business as usual, or as usual as it gets over there ?

We're all busy on our next project. The only ongoing Halo 2 stuff is matchmaking playlists and the odd thing that needs to be done for the final five maps. The only drunk slacker, is the Webmaster.

Littlebigman asks,

I've asked another Bungie employee about this, but I have a question about Racism. I also PMed this to you, I just want a definitive answer... Im just wondering, will anything more be done to the racists on XBL? Its getting worse. Even in non ranked games there is horrible amounts of racism. Also, is it possible for you guys to add a racism category to the Feedback option? And maybe even a betraying or "griefing"?
Will there be any changes to Halo 2 at all on the 360? And if there will be, it will probably be minor, but will there be?

Racists are banned frequently by Xbox Live, and the best way to combat them is by leaving feedback. Obviously that system takes time and effort, but constant racism and other forms of abuse will eventually show on a player's record, as long as the offended continue to use the feedback system. I'm continually shocked by the amount of garbage I hear in games. 90% of games I pay are fine, with the odd curse word, or the use of the expression "noob" but I do get irate when I hear the kind of mindless crap that comes out of (mostly) kids' mouths. Mute 'em.

As far as Halo 2 on the 360, I have no idea. I'd be daft if I said I didn't think it would be one of the compatible games, but I have no idea if it will be changed for use on the 360. It's a true emulator from what I understand, so hopefully everything will look at least as good as it does now, and things like loading times and downloadable content will be questions for the future.

Ragnarok asks,

I love Zanzibar. Most people don't saying it's too one-sided. I love it because of its interactivity. I was hoping for more of that in the new maps - I think the train in Terminal is cool as a mug. So will any of the five remaining maps have interactive moments like the bridge or the fortress gate?

Terminal is the best example. It even has barriers that open and close at the parking structure, although they're not much of an obstacle. Relic has a VERY important switch that unlocks a teleport (and lights up a Forerunner structure). The moving crates in Elongation play a HUGE role, even in Slayer games and there are one or two other elements that you might like too.

HaloCHAT asks,

You've posted before the total Xbox Live Halo 2 statistics... any chance we could have an update on those?

Maybe next week. Roger, who knows this stuff, is ina hot tub somewhere.

KP asks,

There were once rumblings about taking your icon on b.net and turning it into hats, t-shirts, and stuff of the like. I thought it was a neat idea, but did it go the way of the grunt plushy?

No word yet, but still a distinct possibility.

Saint asks,

If I get dropped from a game because of a connection "hiccup" or the like, can the game distinguish the difference between being "disconnected" and quitting?
I've been dropped from several games and it gave them to me as losses and affected my rank when it wasn't my fault, it was just an unforeseeable connection issue. I think I've fixed the problem and it hasn't happened in awhile, but I'd still like to know and I think it could help some people with the same question.

Probably not. The exception is if everyone is booted, or as a result the game returns statistics that are unreliable. You can probably imagine how many folks would abuse the system if we didn't treat dropped connections like quits. It shouldn't happen often enough to affect your stats, otherwise you should seriously consider a new ISP.

Dry Ice asks,

When are you guys moving to your new building?

Late summer, methinks. August or September with luck. They've just finished gutting the building, and have started putting in wires, plumbing, removing the headstones, but not moving the bodies, that kind of thing.

A dude asks,

Are you going to take options from players for the next updates. Cause it would be cool if some of them are from people who want some specific gametypes. Also, I think it would be fun if you add some crazy gametypes like slayer with camo and snipers or something like that. Thanks.

We do take feedback on game types from the community, although not from individual requests. You'll certainly see things you've been asking for in later updates. There's some things we'd like to have included, but can't because of the way the game works ? Zombies for example. If the ability to force team changes and colors had been built into Halo 2, we'd probably have included that.

Hikaru-119 asks,

How angry would Bungie be if a fan made a live action Halo movie and posted it around the net? Assuming of course that fan made zero money off of it and that the storyline did not interfere with the main plot of the Halo story. Also would any of you be interested in seeing it finished? Any comments, flames, and jokes are welcome.

Although we seethe with ill-concealed venom 24-7 for no reason at all, we wouldn't be any angrier because of a fan made movie, as long as you didn't sell it, profit from it, use it to disparage us or give Master Chief boobs.

A wild-eyed fan asks,

I'm very concerned about some of Bungie's other game franchises that seem to be getting ignored due to the success of Halo 2. I realize that while making money is nice, Bungie should attend to it's most diehard of fans and finish what it has started before starting work on Halo 3.
First, Pimps At Sea. The game's website was never (apparently) transferred to the new Bungie.net. The old link doesn't work any longer and this isn't a good sign for those of us who have been stealing lunch money for years so we can afford this amazing game.
Second, Quest for the Ruby Emerald. According to the credits of Quest for the Crown, QftRE would be released in 2005. Well, 2005 is already half over and the Quest fan community hasn't heard a peep from Bungie. All we can say is that we hope Bungie hasn't forgotten us, that the delay is worth it, and that Orson Scott Card is doing the story again this time!

Orson Scott Card couldn't do the QftRE story because if his intriguing work on Advent Rising. But good news. Have you ever heard of a little author I like to call Jackie Collins? Excelsior!! Pimps at Sea is still in pre-production.

Dan asks,

Do you know if you can transfer game saves from the current Xbox to the Xbox 360? I'm not sure if this is something you can't discuss. When the new maps come out is it going to be like it was before; a week waiting period on the Matchmaking playlists to insure that a lot of people get the maps?.

Dunno if you can transfer saves to 360. I hope so. There will be a waiting period before we introduce new playlists to support the maps.

Stan asks,

What is the average internal temperature of a hippopotamus?
Why was a movie like House Of Wax ever allowed to be made?
Whatever happened to Kirk Cameron?
That's about all I've got for now.

The Hippo's body temperature actually differs significantly from other mammals and is more similar to that of cetaceans (whales, etc), hovering at around 96 degrees F. Interestingly, it's been theorized that Whales are evolved from a Hippo or pig-like animal. They even have little residual hooves.

House of Wax was the most fiscally efficient method of keeping Paris Hilton distracted for six months, and had the added benefit of not giving her puppies to kill.

Kirk Cameron, child star of hits like TV's Growing Pains, and blockbuster, "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes," is currently headlining in those Jesus vs. Satan "Left Behind" movies. The third one, about World War III, is coming out soon. The movie will be released this summer, barring any unforeseen Rapture.

Marcel asks,

Do you know or can you tell us if you know any more books are in progress? I really enjoyed the first three, and would love to see some more, pretty please.

Nothing right now, but not out of the question. Eric Nylund's awesome storywork (new word, suck it up) can be seen in the forthcoming Gears of War game on X360.

Eclipse asks,

Is it possible at all to include race as a gametype? Because some could work really well with it.

Nope. Race is gone baby. Sorry.

Boxer asks,

Are we ever going to get the option to "Download Current Gametype"? I know that I've played several gametypes where I would have liked to have made it myself but I didn't know all the little ins and outs. PWEAZE!!!

Not in this game, but swapping game types is a great idea. I don't know if 360 will be able to support game save swapping.

Traize asks,

Have you created any new sports involving Bullet Trains, possibly including Hogs or other forms of vehicular transportation that you'd like to share, so that we may all enjoy gems, such as being catapulted into a solid wall?


Spartan 662 asks,

So I know this is asked a lot , but will there be more content downloads in the future ? Or will the maps be it?

It's entirely possible this will be it. We do have to move on to our new project.

Angry man asks,

So what the hell do I have to do to get an assist anyway? Cause I sure cant figure it out.

Damage an enemy and then get your kill stolen by some jerk at the last second. It's a booby prize.

Rankle asks,

Is it possible that the magnum damage might be increased slightly, for while it was too powerful before it is now useless. Compare it to the SMG/Plasma rifle for example. I should at least be able to kill someone without reloading when using a single magnum.

Use it with the SMG. And pump, don't squeeze. That's good advice for life, period..

Fella asks,

Did you play Halo 1?

Yes. Lots.

A cut and paste error victim asks,

Just like I asked on the B.net forums, this has nothing to do with your next game, have you received an Xbox 360 Dev Kit yet?
What would you say (legally speaking) to having one of your weapons from Halo 2 (namely, the battle rifle) used as a replacement model and skin for a weapons from Counter-Strike Source (replacing the FAMAS)?

There's an Alpha kit sitting right behind me with an early version of the 360 interface. A dolphin is swimming on it at a literally unbelievable frame rate. As far as your Counterstrike mod, don't use our code and don't sell it. If it's for your personal use, you can do it.

Epyon asks,

Are there ever going to be additional emblem downloads? Maybe bundled with the Map Pack?


OscarGordon asks,

Two things, I guess:
Any chance at all of Bungie making a new Marathon for the Xbox? -and-
What's on vol.2 of the Halo 2 Soundtrack?

Marathon on Xbox? Not very likely given the timeframes we're working with here. Not impossible, but it lives next door to impossible. It borrowed impossible's mower, actually. And the Halo 2 soundtrack features tracks that didn't fit on Halo 2 vol. 1, with some cool extras.

Suckbex asks,

Will the changes made to the playlist a few days after the last 5 maps come out be the last of its kind? Or, do you plan on continually updating, refining, and mixing up the playlist from here on out?

We will continue to adjust playlists. We may even do some crazy stuff in the future.

And finally, somebody asked what Mister Chief would look like in a Spanish soap opera.
Posted Image

Senor Chief es me corazon.

"Spartan 662 asks,

So I know this is asked a lot , but will there be more content downloads in the future ? Or will the maps be it?

It's entirely possible this will be it. We do have to move on to our new project. "

And there you have it.


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Posted 06 June 2005 - 11:37 AM

Bungie Weekly What's Update

Not too much going on this week. An update on cheating and glitching, some strange art requests, some story semantics and really, all's quiet on the Halo front. It's almost as if Bungie is busy working on its next project. Which is rumored to be a bitchin' IROC that we're restoring from teh ground up.

Plenty of angry players ask,

What am I supposed to do when I encounter a dirty rotten cheater in Halo 2 on Xbox Live?

We hate cheaters as much as the rest of you and we're doing our best to hunt them down and remove them from our community.  You can help our efforts by reporting people using our new "cheater hotline." If you encounter a person who you know is cheating during a game of Halo 2 on Xbox Live, please report them by sending an email to h2cheats@microsoft.com.  To expedite our investigations, please be sure to include your gamertag, their gamertag, and when possible a link to the actual game in question.  Please keep in mind that submitting false reports of cheaters is only going to hamper our efforts and keep the real cheaters in the system that much longer. Just because you lost it doesn't mean the person broke the rules.

The Bungie Team will be investigating alleged cheaters using data we're able to extract from every game played on Live. Once we have indisputable evidence we will issue the appropriate ban on the offending player - 7 day matchmaking ban for first time offense, permanent for subsequent offenses.

While we don't like jerks anymore than the next person, we are not able to police behavior on Xbox Live. Please do not submit reports of players who are racists, using profanity, making threats or any other inappropriate conduct.  Your best defense against these types of people is to use the in-game feedback system and report them. The Xbox Live team monitors this feedback and they will issue punishments ranging from voice muting to full blown banning from all of Xbox Live.  The Bungie Team will not be banning players from matchmaking based on inappropriate behavior - we are only reacting to data we can collect that proves someone is cheating or violating our online policies.

Please check out the cheating FAQ on Bungie.net for the latest information regarding cheating, banning and our policies..

Curious folks ask,

What types of cheats or activities does Bungie consider a bannable offense?

Due to the never ending creativity and resourcefulness of griefers and jerks, it's almost impossible to provide a definitive list of all the known offenses occurring on Xbox Live.  Suffice it to say, we are well aware of what's going on out there and we'll continue to do our best to stay on top of the latest tricks and exploits.  Here are a few examples of the types of things that will get a player banned from Halo 2 Xbox Live matchmaking:

    * Using hacked maps, playlists, profiles or any other user-edited content on Live
    * Manipulating or disrupting data flow between players in a game to give yourself or your team and unfair advantage
    * Interfering with matchmaking to affect the selection of opponents, maps or gametypes.

A good Samaritan asks,

I have edited some of the maps to give players a new experience and enhance the game (or I've created my own playlists to give players what they want), this is ok, right?

No. This is not ok. We do not condone the use of any "hacked" content on Xbox Live at all. Regardless of your intentions, only bad things will come from opening this can of worms.  We can and will be detecting instances of players using modified content over Live (in matchmaking as well as custom games) and if found to be guilty, you will be permanently banned. Wannabe hackers should note that even if you're playing modified content offline but your Xbox is connected to Live, you run the risk of being detected and banned.

A few hardcore stat wankers ask,

Are the stats going to be reset again when the new maps are released in July?

We currently do not have any plans to reset player stats when the new maps are released. The reason we reset the stats and leaderboards last time was more due to the auto update than releasing four new maps. In light of rampant cheating we felt that prior stats were mostly invalid and meaningless.  The auto update bug fixes and some fairly major gameplay changes were enough to warrant a fresh start and a clean slate for everyone.

Sandy Crack asks,

I noticed that I can handicap myself during matchmaking. The question is, will this affect my rank?

Well yes and no. You don't gain anything other than props for playing handicapped in a game, but it's likely you'll perform less well in the long run should you severely handicap yourself. But you know, you can always think of it as Legendary for multiplayer.

Really it's only even in there so that Shishka and Sketch have a chance when I'm owning them in custom games over Live. Yeah. I said it.

Quikthnkr asks,

[I am paraphrasing a very loooong email]Someone is hijacking my Clan. They keep inviting new players, griefing and diminishing our rank, and Xbox Live won't do anything about it.

That's because it's none of Xbox Live's business. The person in question is an overlord in your clan, same as you, that's why you can't simply boot him. Now, it also appears from your email that the dispute started as a personal fracas. We cannot get involved in that aspect of it and the problem began because he was legitimately invited and promoted. What he's doing now, is not our concern. Why? Think of it this way ? what if YOU were the griefer, sending me this email to make things even worse for the clan? How am I supposed to know who the "good" overlord is and who the "bad" overlord is?

The simple lesson from this is a) that people often suck and B) you need to be really, really careful who you invite to your clan and what privileges you give them. The simplest remedy, and I know this sucks, is to start the clan again from scratch. And be more careful who's in charge this time.


Boothby asks,

Simple question. Is it 'What ARE they to say now?' or 'What HAVE they to say now.'
I've seen many casual mentions of this line from the Halo 2 promo and I have my own ideas, but I wanted a general consensus. One of those 'I know I'm not crazy' type of things.
What say you?

The word is "have."

Sammy asks,

Since the Xbox 360 has changeable faceplates, would you ever make a Halo 3 faceplate?

Nice try, Sherlock. There's no reason you couldn't have a Halo 2 faceplate, with Guilty Spark or the Halo itself around the "ring of light." I just checked out some of the new faceplates at the Xbox euro website and they are gorgeous, even the more avant garde ones. I think it'll probably end up a little like skateboards, where the weirder, more collectible, more bizarre the faceplates are, the more popular they'll be. That said, I want aluminum NOW. See some more here

Shadowguitar asks,

How about Mister Chief's Forza Motorsport car? With his customization?

No way. That takes ages. But if someone makes me a Mister Chief car in Forza and sends me a picture, I will hand draw them their own Mister Chief as a "prize." The winner will be chosen from whichever one I feel like, and remember this prize is worthless and this contest is hardly worth your time.

Finally, Garriot asks, what would happen if Shishka and Mister Chief had a baby?

Probably something like this:

Posted Image


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Posted 11 June 2005 - 08:33 PM

Nothing much happened this week, although some Australian bloke hurled a phone at me. Halo movie tales are spewing out of Hollywood like overheated popcorn and the release of the last five maps gets closer and closer. We actually reveal what to expect in terms of matchmaking and otherwise, we wish you all a great weekend.

Sanjay asks,,

Who won the Halo world championships and what role did Bungie have in the event?

Some Dutch kid! He owned. You can read about it here:

Halo 2 World Championships

And the event was hosted by the Xbox Live team, not by Bungie. Congrats to the winner and the finalists though.

Moviegoers ask,

Have you read the Halo movie script?

I've read an early draft of the script, and it rules. I heart Alex Garland's stuff anyway, from The Tesseract to 28 Days Later. Garland also wrote the script for an upcoming Sci-Fi flick, Sunshine, which you can read more about here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0448134/

Best thing about Alex, apart from his ability to type awesomeness, is that he's actually a Halo fan, and he really, really gets it.

Angry Yoofs ask,

How come none of the Bungie staff or moderators ever respond to PMs?

I currently have 750 PMs. We simply don't have the time to get into hundreds of discussions which the majority of the time deal with questions and topics that have been covered elsewhere on the site. Or are death threats from irate 11 year olds. The mods? They are just regular people who have their own lives and they only have so much time to spend helping on Bnet.

Jilted Lovers ask,

Are the stats going to be reset again when the new maps are released in July?

We currently do not have any plans to reset player stats when the new maps are released. The reason we reset the stats and leaderboards last time was more due to the auto update than releasing four new maps. In light of rampant cheating we felt that prior stats were mostly invalid and meaningless.  The auto update bug fixes and some fairly major gameplay changes were enough to warrant a fresh start and a clean slate for everyone.

Sandy Crack asks,

Why won't you JUST ACCEPT MY FRIEND REQUEST. Oh, and play 'Misty' for me.

I would love to, but my list is almost always full. The only time it's not, is when I have to clear space for a Humpday challenge. I, and other Bungie guys get dozens of requests, sometimes in a matter of hours, and realistically, the only thing we can do is run through and delete 'em. To apologize, we'd have to accept your request, type a message, then delete it. After the 8th time, that gets kinda old? So here's a blanket apology to everyone nice enough to send us friend requests that we have to turn down. Sorry!

PS., we still accept requests from hot chicks.

Stinky asks,

Hey, what's going to happen to the Team Preview matchmaking playlist on July 5th when the new maps are available?

The current maps in Team Preview will become free by July 5th and will be integrated back into the regular free playlists. Team Preview will then incorporate the five new maps across a variety of team based games like it does right now. In addition, we will be adding a "Rumble Preview" playlist to give players who purchase the five new maps additional gaming options.

When Team Preview is reset with the new maps, we will be resetting the leaderboards/ranks for that playlist (and ONLY that playlist).

At the end of the summer once all of the maps are free, all the Preview playlists will be removed and all maps will be integrated into the free playlists.

Keyes86 asks,

When the map pack is out, will the "making-of" documentary and "cinematic featurette" only be viewable on the Xbox, or will I be able to pop the disc into my DVD player? I ask this because another game (I won't say which) had special videos that would only play on the Xbox. I'm really concerned because I don't want to shell out $30 for the Xbox remote control when I already have a perfectly fine dvd player.

Hrms. This is a weird question. You don't need a DVD remote to play the movies on our disc, just a regular ole Xbox. It uses a proprietary licensed video Codec that plays in our map pack's interface at very high quality. And even if you did need a DVD remote (because it was encoded as a regular DVD) it would work fine on any DVD player. So I'm kind of confused about what happened with the game you aren't naming.

Super_Panda asks,

Question: Will there ever be a "Special Edition" of HALO 1 released for Xbox or Xbox 360 with Online multiplayer (and maybe some new maps or something)?

That's unlikely. Not out of the question, but not something Bungie has in its sights right now. We're busy working on other things. That said, it seems likely that original Halo and Halo 2 will be among the games supported by Xbox 360's backward compatibility.

Weaklerdrake's poll on our forums asks,

When we're dual-wielding, we shouldn't have to drop our left hand weapon. BUT WE DO.

Well, you don't have to. In most cases, players will hold one range weapon, say a rocket launcher or a Battle Rifle and one mid- range burst weapon, like an SMG. The trick is to manage what you hold so that you have the best selection of weapons for your play style. Personally I like to have an SMG and a Plasma pistol dual-wielded with a Rocket Launcher or a Sword on my never-seen imaginary backpack. It's designed like this for a nice mixture of variety, strategy and balance. Believe me, we tried other schemes, and this one worked best for us.

And finally, Oddleif asks, What would Mister Chief look like if you drew him in less than thirty seconds?

Really good, actually. Practically the best one ever.

Posted Image

July 5th...Can't wait! Thats not as far off as one would think, people. We're very close to fun tiem.

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Posted 17 June 2005 - 01:17 PM

Untold thousands ask, I've played games on Containment where players could almost fly, where Warthogs could zoom around like Banshees, and people could get one shot kills with Battle Rifle. Is Bungie aware of this, is it doing anything about it? We're only going to say this once, so listen carefully, and if you're using hacks, or know anyone who's using them, pay close attention. Every time you show up on Live with a hacked map, hacked save or other exploit, we not only know about it, it lights up our system like a pinball machine. We were almost tempted to print gamertags as examples. Right now, we are taking very, very serious measures to end it. They will be severe measures, and they will be global. That's all we're going to say about it. So now's the time to stop doing it. We are not kidding, and we are not bluffing. The reason the new measures have not been implemented so far is the same reason as ever - testing. This was your last and only warning. Low on Creativity asks , For the first several months of playing Halo 2, I never had this problem. Then one night, I got in a Warthog and it went probably 1/4 speed and its been doing it ever since. It doesn't matter what map or gametype or anything. Sometimes I can get it to go full speed, but probably 90% of the time it goes 1/4 speed and its beyond the point of really pissing me off. Ever encountered this bug before? Any idea how to fix it? Thanks. I haven't heard about that one and to be honest, it sounds like a problem with your controller, although that would cause your Chief to walk forward slowly too and it seems like you'd have mentioned that. Try swapping in another controller when it happens next, and also make sure nothing is touching the analog stick when you turn on your Xbox. When you power up the console it does a basic stick calibration. An uncentered stick can cause undesirable effects. And by undesirable, I mean ass. Purassic Jark asks, I'm not sure if this is the correct way to ask questions, but I think it will probably get the job done. I really enjoyed the Official Guide to Halo 2 because it had nice diagrams of the maps that I could study. I was wondering if you guys planned on making a v.2 or something that would have diagrams of the new maps or not - that is if Bungie even makes the guides. Thanks for your time. The guides were actually made by a company called Piggyback, who we picked as a partner on the strength of their awesome guides for other games. They make such lovely books. Interestingly, the editors are German, and just to bust any cultural stereotypes, they were all coolly efficient David Hasselhoff fans and they ate sausage all the time. I was expecting them to be comedic vegetarians like you read about. Carsten and his crew hung out here during the final days of halo 2, making sure things like weapon placement were exactly correct. Naturally we waited until four seconds after they left and shifted everything around again. We'd LOVE to work with those guys again some day, maybe Naughty-cal Mapz for Pimps at Sea, but as of now there are no specific plans for an official guide to the new maps. Akemos asks, I have really enjoyed all the game type updates to matchmaking, but I'm absolutely fed up that you have acknowledged that the Banshee needs to be removed from Team Rifles on Ascension, yet you have not done so. Playing the gametype on that map is about as fun as putting my face into a blender. When will you fix it?!? There are two possible reasons - either it takes time to test, assemble and implement these changes, or we're jerks who hate fun. You decide. The reason we don't give dates, or even ballparks, is that they change all the time. So it's better to promise little and deliver more. Bufu026 asks , hey... i always thought of the idea that being able to reset our stats for any playlist we choose would be an ideal feature for halo 2 on xbox live. do you or anybody else at bungie think that they would consider putting in a feature where you could reset your stats for any playlist you choose? by doing this people could remove their bad stats from playing with bad people or just having a really terrible record. it would be similar to leaving a clan and then starting a new one over. please give thought to this idea. many people would be satisfy ed in that they could clear unwanted stats. No, because if you were say, a level 25 in Rumble Pit and you could reset yourself to 1, that would suck for all the real level 1 players who then had to play you. Tervis927 asks, why is it that a tie counts as a loss on your stats but you gain experience towards gaining new levels. P. S. isn't Zanzibar in south africa? Because that's the way the stats work out best (when they're not being abused). Also, Zanzibar is in East Africa, basking in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and is actually a lovely place to visit, when it's not swarming with Covenant Troops. Which won't be for another five hundred years, so it's cool. The Statesman asks, How can a guy with the user name "CENSORED " climb to #3 on a leaderboard and not get noticed as having an offensive name? Don't you guys have some sort of list of key letter groupings that flags a user automatically . Yes, some letter groupings are automatically detected. the one you pointed out had a novel use of three "s" characters. But he's being forced to change his gamertag. We've even had one or two inadvertently offensive gamertags happen, that their creators didn't notice made some odd combination of words. Sk8Spartan171 asks , When I go to matchmaking people always complain and say "dude your an elite, what an idiot"etc. Is there really that big of a difference between an elite and a spartan. the rumor is it is easier to kill an elite but when i was a spartan i died as much as i do now. There are a lot of psychological differences, and some tricky players in custom games have found color combos for armor that can initially confuse rival teams, but in terms of overall balance, they are identical. Same speed, jump, all that. I find it harder to hit head shots against Elites, but that's partly in my imagination. the fact that they look alien makes them automatically jarring as far as your psyche is concerned - whether that has any effect in gameplay, we'll leave to psychologists and anthropologists. Colostomy Frag asks, What does "Noob" mean? I hear it all the time when i'm playing on Live. Sometimes directed at me and sometimes at others. I get that it's an insult, but what does it literally mean? It's short for "Newbie" meaning, "New Player." It is used exclusively by players who've apparently forgotten that without exception, they were recently "noobs" too. Anyway, it's a general insult and it's often applied in the following context - "Noob-Combo." Referring to Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle combo, which is far from a Noob combo. In fact a real noob combo would be one Needler and a handkerchief. Omaega asks, Will i be able to do a system link on HALO 2 using 1 xbox and 1 xbox 360, this would mean buying another copy of halo 2 but i don't mind because it would make ultra sized LAN parties a lot easier. Will the next 5 maps be released in the UK on 5th July or do we have to wait longer? I honestly have no idea. I would think, and I'm only guessing, that Ethernet System Link would work between 360 consoles, since the 360 has an Ethernet port and the emulation will work with all aspects of the game. But would a 360 System Link to an Xbox 1? I don't know. The System Linking happens in the game software, not the dashboard, so given that both games (on the 360 and on the Xbox) are the same code - it seems plausible at least. We'll tell you more when we find out more. The maps should be available in the UK on the same day as the rest of the world. And available for download and retail (all 9 maps plus the feature documentary and the short animation) on the same day. KoolDudeHez asks, a few of my m8s and myself have been arguing about the autoaim in Halo2, we do know that the autoaim in Halo:CE was minimal and for Halo2 the autoaim was strengthened, but why? the main arguments seem to be that it was to make the game easier but I think it is also to do with latency issues over xbox Live. stronger autoaim needed to be included to make sure with people with varying latency were on a level playing field. Am I right? ? Autoaim actually varies between weapons, and even weapon combos and while lag and connectivity were all taken into account, the main concern was enjoyable control and balance between each weapon. JellyBelly asks, Is there going to be a Weekly Update next week? Possibly not. I am going on a mental world tour, hitting Copenhagen, Edinburgh and the quaint Italian town of Positano next week. If I find an internet cafe with no Spumoni on it, then I will try to post somethin' but I can't promise. If you are Danish, Scottish or Italian, then keep your eyes peeled for a hot bald dude at the airport. It's either me, or Mr. Clean. Mista Hankey asks, Do you think they will ever be a Halo movie? If a direct er came to you and asked you if he could use the Halo name in a movie, would you take the offer or would reject it? I am baffled that you were able to send this mail from your underground bunker, but yes, it does indeed look like there will be a Halo movie. Lots of action last week in Hollywood hints strongly at the possibility. So look out for more news on that next week. No word yet on the director though.



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Right on. Bungie's gonna drop another ban hammer.
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