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Bungie Weekly Update

Halo: Reach

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Posted 17 June 2005 - 06:50 PM

Happy me.


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Posted 24 June 2005 - 03:41 PM

No weekly update today, but there's some pretty cool 3D screenshots in it's place.


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Posted 29 July 2005 - 06:40 PM

Things have cooled down a lot since the banhammer was dropped, so we're getting back into the smooth rhythm of happier times. One day, we'll even start making this the Weekly Update about a new game...Then you can get mad again and start demanding screenshots...

Gamegamegame asks,

Is Bungie going to be making any more maps for Halo 2?

I think it's safe to say that Bungie is now concentrating solely on creating its next game. We will of course continue to manage and update the playlists and address any other concerns going forward. But as for new maps? Don't count on it.

Lots of folks ask,

Are you really banning people, and is it working?

Yes we are and it seems to be working well. Folks are standbying, which is annoying, but it's already a lot better. Modders still pop up from time to time, but they're banned very quickly. As we've said before, no matter what we do, some jackass loser shut-mommy's boy will come up with some way to ruin your fun.

Bando asks,

Frankie, why all the coyness re: Halo 3? We all know the "project" you and the rest of the crew at Bungie are all working on is called Halo 3 and it is going to be released the same day the PS3 is released. Come on, fess up! :)

Har. Well, for one thing, we haven't announced what our next project is going to be. And for another, you really think Ken Kutaragi is going to call up and say, "Hey, Frankie, here's a heads up ? the PS3 will be available on September 14th, 200X. So now you have a schedule to work to." Because, like, he probably won't do that.

Dominant332 asks,

Yo guys I haven't played on Xbox live 4 about a month or 2 and I'm looking forward to getting all the maps I but I heard that there resetting da friend list. And I'm sick of retyping it hope you reply Frankie.

Nobody resets the friends list. It has never been reset. Are you talking about stats? We're not resetting those either. We're purging them of cheaters.

Crippen asks,

Who would win ? you, Sketch and Shishka, 'nades only, on Lockout?

Well, note that I am Buninja07 for the purposes of this game:

The Game Stats

Not pretty, but pretty much what you'd expect. Sketch was the only one who broke down and fired his stupid needler, but that actually was an accident, so it didn't count.

Rocky asks,

I was wondering if there is a way to play Halo online without putting the firewall down.
I recently had to quit my online play because my dad said I could no longer do it after I finally asked him about it.
Is there any update or peice of software that will be able to protect me when I play Halo online?
Please help me.

Well it depends on how you're setup. You shouldn't have to take the firewall down. Tell your dad that the Xbox is a dead end for hackers ? they can't use it to get at your PC for example. If he knows a lot about networking, he can make an exception for your Live account, and if he doesn't know a lot, he can check out Xbox.com for lots of advice on how to make your Xbox play nice with routers and firewalls.

Banco asks,

Just a quick question about the leader board for team slayer, number 1 has a rank of 50 (Gamertag: Ix AK47 xI ) he has pages of arranged games that have been started and then stopped (within 5 seconds) on various maps. Is this some form of glitch in the ranking system because looking at is previous games that aren't of this nature he doesn't seem that hot at Halo 2.

He's a cheat. We're slowly but surely getting rid of these guys from the Leaderboards, but there's no point shaming them into quitting. They're like those kids in school who just like attention so they sit in puddles or pee in their pants. Don't worry about it. Use your level to have fun, it's not a competition.

Provos Rule asks,

Ok so this sounds like bull but ppl in my clan consistently tell me that the host of a game does more damage. the host can kill with one battle rifle shot etc. I keep informing them that that could not be but it would help if you called them stupid for me.

Well I'm not going to call them stupid, but they're wrong. There is no extra damage from host. The host can sometimes have an advantage with connection speed and stability, but in most game types it offers little benefit.

Wiserdwarf asks,

Well i sure hope this is where i send questions, anyway Using a device such as "Action Replay" is considered modding correct? My brother says it's not because half of the guys on his friends list use said device. He plans on purchasing one in the near future, he wont listen to me and I'd hate to see his account banned, (because he would most likely yell at me and accuse me of a number of things refusing to believe what he did was actually modding) as well as my X-Box being hacked/modded/whatever. My account is on the same X-Box so i know that if I sign in I'll get banned as well. So question is, is "Action Replay" considered modding? Will my brother be banned if he uses it to make Warthogs fly as he says? And will "glitching" get you banned?
Thank you for your time and have a wonderful whatever segment of the day is appropriate.

If he uses Action Replay to modify Halo 2 content and then play on Xbox Live, then yes, he'll get banned. If he uses his Action Replay to get say, a legendary game save with no alterations, he won't get banned. Making Warthogs fly? Yes, banned if he does it on Xbox Live. Sorry.

FlatfootedNinja asks,

Is this the HI Ben you were talking about?

FlatfootedNinja's alleged "Hi Ben" secret submission.
I found it on one of the Tanks

If this is it:
Thanks to Highimpacthalo.org we met your challenge

Nope, but to be fair, it does sort of look like it. Here's a clue, in limerick form:

There once was a level quite airy
With some leaps that were dreadfully hairy
To get to Hi Ben
Takes a Gondola then
A leap with the touch of a fairy

MJBHockey9 asks,

I modded for a while then when the auto update was about to come out I took them off then I got suspended for a day. After that i got banned without doing anything else wrong. Is that fair?

I'm afraid it is fair. You knew you weren't supposed to mod. You spent a significant amount of time ruining the game for other players. We gave you plenty of warning and obviously you didn't remove all the content from your Xbox.

Hockeyweasel asks,

In a BTB Team Slayer, one fellow got 38 kills, mostly with the covenant sniper, with a hit % close to 55% and 35 head shots. I realize that the skill of some players is uncanny, but I was suspicious that he could snipe so well, so consistently, from clear across the map, seemingly never running out of ammo even when we controlled the respawn spot (but maybe he rushed it whenever he ran out). I reported him for cheating, but what's your advice when it's nothing so blatantly obvious? Is it so likely that you will detect it that we don't need to inform on allegedly dishonest players or are those the sort of things that we ought to be asking you to check out? If they are cleared of cheating is their slate clean or does it leave a flag on their "permanent record"?

The example you quoted is a perfect example of why you shouldn't report folks for cheating unless you're certain. We get a lot of reports about cheaters that are basically just skilled players owning people. Unless you see something weird, or they admit it, assume they're good. If they are getting 100% accuracy and firing Warthogs at you, then go report. If they just kind of own you with the noob combo, they're probably not cheating.

Mungo asks,

Is it true Sketch has a beef with Shatner?

No. Shatner and Sketch are back on speaking terms after the Romulan incident. See?

Posted Image

And finally, I was going to do Mister Chief mackin' on Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas (who I am best friends with now, btw) but I found this work of genius over on HBO. I present to you, Dancin' Mister Chief.
HBO's Amazing Collection of Mister Chief Movies

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Posted 05 August 2005 - 05:56 PM

Bungie Weekly Update

Oh it's a short one today so stow the complaints. But it marks a subtle shift in tone for the update. We're gonna keep answering your Halo 2 queries, but every now and then, we're going to toss in a nugget or two about some other stuff. So without further ado, here's this week's update.

Sobby O'Cryington asks,

Wah. I just got banned for no reason. I was not modding or anything. I was the most legit player of all times. Youse guys are crooks.

It's a very short update this week, because I am v. busy on our next big thing. But to answer Sobby, there are two possible explanations. The first is that you are actually lying, and hoping that we are bluffing. We are not bluffing. We can check our logs and see what maps you were modding with, in which games, at what time and all that. It's very straightforward.

The second possibility is one we've warned you about, but haven't discussed specifically. As you know, Boosting ? using cheats, mods, interfering with networking ? to raise your rank ? is a bannable offense. Well guess what? We can tell when you're hooking up with your modder buddies to boost. And we ban you. We did warn you.

I have no idea why you would do that anyway. If you know that you're reaching a level artificially, surely you know that you are rendering that number meaningless. And quit sending me death threats. For one thing it's A VERY SERIOUS FEDERAL OFFENSE and you signed up with a REAL credit card, possibly your mom's, and for another, you have no business being mad at me because of something you did. I don't ban anyone ? the system does, and the system does it automatically. The system is not mean, it is cold and calculating.

There's also a lot of confusion about banning ? if you're suspended from Live ? that's Xbox Live's doing ? and related to your general naughty behavior ? solution? Play nice, don't cheat, don't swear, don't be a jerk.

If you're suspended specifically from Matchmaking in Halo 2 either for seven days or permanently, that's Bungie. Solution? Delete ALL modded content from your box (that gets you a PERMANENT ban from matchmaking) and don't do it again or stop boosting. If you have modded content and you're not sure how to get rid of it, the simplest way is to delete ALL of the "Halo 2" info from your hard drive. Everything. That will delete your new maps too, but if you've paid for them once, you can get 'em back for free, so don't sweat it.

We understand there are some players who've got caught up in the whole modding, boosting thing and if that's what you're into, there's not much we can do or say to change your mind. But if you don't want to get suspended from Halo 2 matchmaking, you know what to do.

Also, if you're buying a used Xbox, MAKE SURE to delete all the Halo 2 gamesaves off of it before you log onto Xbox Live to play Halo 2. That way, if you accidentally picked up some old box with modded content, you'll delete all the problematic stuff. Make sure there is NO Halo 2 data on there.

If you're having lousy connections, you might have bad connection history in that data too, and this step can solve it. It's a pain but it might be worth it, especially if you changed ISPs and suddenly find your connection speeds are dramatically changed.

And one last thing on the cheating front ? we do know about the folks who're deliberately lagging players out, and we know about the software and tools they use to do it. And guess what? We are banning them for it. So if you know someone who thinks that method is foolproof, you should warn them now.

Lots of folks expect the bannings and suspensions to be instant ? they're not. It can take days, which means lots of modders think they're getting away with it. I get the odd email from that exact felon ? and they claim that we can't do anything to stop them ? then I go check and guess what, they've already been banned. Hopefully you guys are finding things improved, and enjoying the game the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

We will continue to do everything in our power to make Live a nice place to play halo 2, but a favor ? even when it's super-annoying, please remember that we're working hard to make it better, and that at the end of the day ? we're not the ones cheating, modding or lagging. It's them. We're on your side.

If you really, really believe your suspension was in error, you can always try emailing: h2cheats@microsoft.com and explain why you think you're innocent. Note that there's no point emailing this address if you have actually modded, boosted or cheated, since lying to us ain't gonna improve things. And try asking your little brother if he's been messing with your machine first.

On a lighter note, I am deeply, deeply in love with the Xbox 360. Part of it is just me being ready for a new system. Part of it is seeing that work of art they call an interface running in HD. I am not being a system whore ? I am sure I will love the other next gen consoles, it's just that I can TOUCH the 360 now. Yum. I never thought I'd be so excited about a UI.

No real news on the movie front this week ? looks like it's all lawyers and finance. Soon as we know a director, some actors, that kind of good stuff, we'll be sure to let you know.

Folks seem to be getting closer to finding "Hi Ben" with a couple of unconfirmed, but likely sounding solutions already popping up on forums. The High Impact Halo guys have been going NUTS trying to find it. I promise to tell you next week where it is. And again a reminder, it's NO BIG DEAL. Just a cute, hidden thing. This is not on the Skull scale of awesome, by any stretch of the imagination.

Teaser: Work is proceeding apace on our next project, whatever that may be.

IP stuff is actually kind of busy too, with new action figures on the way, an as yet-unrevealed but AWESOME project nearing completion (more on that in a month or two) and even a gang of T-Shirts. Our Zanzibar T-Shirt was a big hit at the recent G-Phoria awards - Here's the T-Shirt - and ladies love its retro styling. Dudes can get the dude version at Hot Topic and a few other places. What's awesome is watching the realization dawn on folks' faces as they recognize the big turbine wheel from the level. Chicks love it when dudes wear 'em. And they want to make out with us all the time. But we're all, "Get off me, I got to play Rumble Preview to get my level up." And then they're all, "You're so dreamy."

Finally, it's Shishka's last day at Bungie. We give him a tough oldtime, and we make fun of him, and we call him Fatty-Bum-Bum, and we put sugar in his gas tank, and we leave old food in his filing cabinet, and we glued all his stuff to his desk, and we set his house ablaze, but we only do it because of love. So long Shishka, and we'll see you again soon! REAL SOON!

And really finally, someone asked if we'd ever found Mister Chief in a natural object ? say, a sandwich or a hillside. As a matter of fact, our very own Roger Wolfson found this in his lunch on Taco Salad day. Now, I'm not one to proclaim miracles, but his expression became sadder as the day went on.
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Posted 12 August 2005 - 11:28 PM

Short and sweet this week, but some cool stuff is coming in September for the matchmaking playlist, so we thought we'd let you in on some of it. Remember: All this is subject to change and the dates are "September-ish" So, we're jerks who haven't updated the matchmaking playlist in ages. When's the next stuff gonna be out, and what will have changed? Most of our game changes recently have been designed to manage the transition from the original set of maps to the new ones. That's why we've had those Preview lists ? so that folks can try out the new maps if they have them, in an unranked environment. Well, since all the maps will be available for free in a few short weeks, we're going to roll them into every playlist that they make sense in. That will alleviate one of the bigger complaints we've seen recently ? the repetition of consecutive maps. That happens to me from time to time, but it really is random. The problem with truly random things is that they have a tendency to bunch. Or at least appear to bunch. And the reason you sometimes see the same player two games in a row, is that you both entered the pool of "likely" players at the exact same time. And you both have a decent connection. We try to avoid that happening too often though. But the really big news is that our next set of Matchmaking Playlist updates (which is roughly scheduled for September) has some cool oddities in it. Multi-Team! This whole playlist revision will be among our most significant Playlist updates to date, because it introduces a bunch of new stuff, rolls in the new maps, and makes some tweaks to the starting weapons in a number of instances. Multi-Team, in this instance will largely consists of 4 teams per game, with 3 players per team (3v3v3v3). Our Multi-Team matchmaking playlist is going to include a mixture of deathmatch and objective games, featuring lots of new variants. Some of the more bizarre ones include: * ?Multi-balls? (2 oddballs) or as I like to call it, total anarchy. * ?Plasma Wars? (Plasma Weapons, No Vehicles, No Grenades, Brute Plasma Rifle start) * ?Gulch Wars? (Coagulation only, Scorpions and Warthogs, Human Weapons, BR start) which you'll notice sounds kind of old-school huh? A little bit Halo: CE. It definitely pays homage ? but it's got some Halo 2 flava too. Slayer variants are going to include Team Slayer, Team Slayer Pro, Team Slayer Human BR and Team Snipers. That latter one is going to put a cat amongst the pigeons. Team Snipers with multiple teams is scary, strategic and even tenser than regular Team Snipers. Other objective games for Multi-Team include 3 Plots, Land Grab, Team Ball, Team Crazy King, Classic CTF, Neutral Flag, and Neutral Bomb. All of these variants take on a different feel with multi-teams. They are for the most part more frenetic, more confusing and more frightening. Which in gameplay terms, is (usually) a positive. The Brute Plasma Rifle start might amend the confusion the two gentlemen I played last night had ? they'd never seen one before. I used it to finish them off on a game of Slayer on Turf ? at which point they said I must be cheating because it was shooting so fast. I pointed out that it was beneath the crashed Scarab, said I was "crazy, there's no Scarab!" They plainly hadn't ever looked up. It's not subtle, like the lighted tower on Relic (indicating that the teleporter is open). If you're new to Halo 2, or you haven't fiddled around with it much, there's some cool stuff you might want to play with, hidden in the game setup options. You can for example, choose starting weapons and equipment, right down to whether or not there are turrets in a game. You can only use these in custom games of course, but a surprising number of people don't ever touch the customization aspect of Halo 2. Just make sure you give your custom gametype a funny or memorable name. We're making that type of adjustment to a few maps too, such as including Battle Rifle starts on Terminal and Relic (yes, we hear you) for Rumble Pit types ? but the objective games will retain the default weapon sets ? since that's how they're designed to work. Most of the complainers only complain about the starting weapon set in Slayer games anyway. And once more with feeling, I am really, really bad with the Battle Rifle. Horrible. I get OWNED when there are Battle Rifle starts. It's torture. I'm the only one running around dual wielding human pistols. Anyway, more next week. And Mister Chief is taking a well-earned vacation.

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Posted 13 August 2005 - 12:14 AM

Awesome =D!

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Posted 11 November 2005 - 09:31 PM

To fill the gap of larger team-based rank playlists, we're adding a new 6 vs. 6 Team Battle.  This is the spiritual successor to Big Team Battle and will be fairly similar in offerings albeit with a few less players (the games will start with either 5v5 or 6v6).  We're doing this because ultimately we feel that the 16 player ranked experience is hit-or-miss for most people with the majority of players experiencing an unreliable gameplay session.  The old BTB wasn't all that popular (and continued to decline) and based on feedback it was mostly due to "laggy" games and longer wait times to accumulate enough players to start along with the general sense of chaos that many people didn't care for.  6v6 is considered the "sweet spot" by the Bungie team for many of our maps and it will be a bit easier to digest for people who have spotty connections.  This new twelve person variety will start with a fresh ranking for everyone and will hopefully prove to be a more enjoyable experience for the masses.

To those of you who spent time accumulating a rank in that laggy, SMG-ridden chaosfest of a playlist, I am truly sorry...

In other news, my time spent NOT playing Big Team Battle has put me at the top of the clan for Rumble Pit (28) and Head to Head (27).

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Posted 11 November 2005 - 09:50 PM

NOOOOOOOO! I was one win away from a 32.

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Posted 11 November 2005 - 10:53 PM

Oh well...I was stagnant between 28 and 30...I have never been a 31 for more than a few hours...it really sucks when Ivan is for a couple weeks...and all because he made me play as Katana those many games...
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Posted 11 November 2005 - 10:58 PM

at what levels do head to head and rumble pit get hard?

#71 Blaze

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Posted 11 November 2005 - 11:06 PM

FUCK! Not my 13! Oh god, what am I gonna do now?

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Posted 12 November 2005 - 01:47 AM

Haha Fallen was boss hoggin the BTB and now we never play it. Maybe now I can convince you people who jump around in customs for 6 hours to play something more competitive... and not get shit for it. Van, people start cheating in Head to Head at about 23 and up. I lost my 27 in 4 or 5 straight standbyers. Cuse' just got lucky and didn't run into any of them.
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Posted 12 November 2005 - 09:49 AM

Haha Fallen was boss hoggin the BTB and now we never play it. Maybe now I can convince you people who jump around in customs for 6 hours to play something more competitive... and not get shit for it.

Finally someone actually says it!

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Posted 19 November 2005 - 11:46 PM

Check out the weekly update at Bungie, but apparently because people whined so much about BTB getting removed they've decided to remove some other good gametypes:

So here goes - in our next update, Head to Head and Major Clan Match are both being removed from Halo 2 Matchmaking.

So much for that level 28 'Cuse. I'm kind of disappointed, because I like head to head myself even if I don't play it too often. In some ways it's the hardest of all of the lists, because it's only you and you have to control the whole map all by yourself, which made it so fun. Especially when you end up overcoming the guy with the rocket and the sniper with your smg to win the game.

They're changing minor clan to allow 5 people instead of just 4. I don't really have a problem with that too much, because it seemed like it took hours to ever find a major clan match, and they were all fairly laggy anyway, so I think this is a good resolution.

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Posted 19 November 2005 - 11:56 PM

Yeah. I saw that. Not happy. But what can you do? I still have the highest Rumble Pit in the clan, at least last I checked... and WhatsAnEverett is still undefeated, although I nearly lost it with this game. I spawned with 20 seconds left in the game, down by 6 or so seconds. I sprinted to where the ball was, SMG'ed that fucker with 10 seconds left, grabbed the ball, beat down a pursuer, and ran like hell up into the sniper tunnel-ramp-thingy. I just ran like crazy, and, well, I'm a clutch motherfucker if I do say so myself. 1:03 to 1:01. Ha. I bet homeboy was pissed.

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Posted 02 December 2005 - 07:19 PM

The new weekly update is up, so check it out. Make sure you take a look at this forum post, if you want to get an idea of the new changes to the playlists that will be occuring this Tuesday. Notable changes to me were that they're taking out the magnum as a secondary for Hardcore, you'll now be able to see your hidden rank in Team Snipers (so, yes it will be ranked now), and also there's some good balancing issues being taken care of, especially in team slayer- i.e. BR starts in Backwash and Ascension, and the removal of the sniper on Colossus.

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Posted 10 December 2005 - 06:30 AM

Bungie Weekly Update: December 9, 2005

The movie business is a strange and frightening place. Usually, we hear about stuff the same time you do. For example, last week, the Hollywood scuttlebutt was that Hellboy director, Guillermo Del Toro was in talks with Peter Jackson to direct the Halo movie.

But I can tell you that we have NOT signed a director as of 5pm this evening, and are still, in Variety parlance, "Halo Hawks Hunting Helmer, Hobbit Prexy Preps Prod."

Personally, I love Del Toro, but I honestly don't know any more than you guys. Joe Staten just shrugged and said "Guillermo" would be a good name for his about-to-be due baby, but largely because it is a ow-do-you-say? Ah yes! de-sexy name, not because of the Director rumor. And I would like to take this opportunity to posit MY personal picks for the Halo cast:

* Chief: Karl Urban
* Cortana: Salma Hayek (JUST for the costume)
* Sgt. Johnson: David Scully
* 343 Guilty Spark: David Hyde Pierce
* All the Grunts: WeeMan (just like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
* Captain Keyes: Sean Connery
* All of the Elites: Bob Sapp
* The Flood: Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff, Meatloaf Aday as Carrier Form.

And in OTHER baby news, Sketch HAD one! A beautiful baby girl. Congrats to mom too!

I gets me a lot of hate mail, almost all of it is some anti-baldness rhetoric, followed by a weak death threat, so to those guys, let me just say this: The bald gene is dominant. Thanks to Sean Connery and Bruce Willis, baldies can now breed with impunity. That means that the highly advanced breed of future-menz, will all be bald. And probably wear crazy headgear like Lobo from The Empire Strikes Back.

The new playlists have been accepted and rejected with predictable levels of hate and love. One unexpected treat was a mail from an MLG luminary, saying he LOVED Team Actionsack, and that it was a nice way to "decompress" after Team Hardcore. Chasing an invisible, fast moving ball carrier through a nightmare of Brute Shot explosions is hardly my idea of decompression, but to each his own.

One surprising batch of emails concerns the ranking of Team Snipers. Lots and lots of folks have complained that having their existing, previously invisible Team Sniper level become their ranked level is "BS." The major complaint, and I am not kidding, is from people who were "only going in there to own on noobz and now I am matched against people who are the same or better and that is total BS man." Um, seriously. What? If you don't like it, play against your niece.

The LEGITIMATE complaint about Team Snipers is that now it's much more competitive and less "friendly" for soft, spongy players like me, but I enjoyed it so much in the past I can at least add a few kills to my team's total, no matter who I get matched with. AND I get my fair share of sniper matches in Rumble Armory, which is nice.

A few folks who played Halo 2 on their 360 last night also won a booby prize ? black bars on the side of the screen in 16:9 mode. This was part of a cool backward compatibility update that let you, among other things, play a bunch of cool games like Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon on 360. Sadly it had one drawback for Halo 2 players. It affected a very small number of people, but they're pissed, and I can reveal that it will be fixed very, very soon. Probably even by the time you read this.

This update to the update should fix the black bars.
The Bungie Princess just bought a house in Bungie Gulch (a location in Seattle where about half of Bungie lives) and she's getting new kitchen cabinets.

Who is Kuniklo? Our mysterious new forum assassin is a Bungie employee. And has caused quite a stir on the forums. Some have speculated that Kuniklo may not be a dude. Our official response? We are not ready to discuss the Kuniklo project at this time.

Jeremiah is leaving us! Shishka is coming back! It's like The question is, who is better, Shishka or Ninja on Fire? I will let you guys vote in the thread following this article. But here's Jeremiah's fond farewell:
All good things must come to an end, and so after having the wonderful opportunity of once again working with the Bungie Team and all of our community, I am off to embark on new and glorious conquests. PS., note that he gives props to one of the few groups composed of hotties. Such a playa.


From Jeremiah (Ninja on Fire)

I'd like to thank everyone in the community, it's been a pleasure working with you and I wish you all the best. I especially want to say thanks to everyone who has participated in the Optimatch forum over the past year, Halo 2 Matchmaking wouldn't be the same without all of the productive discussions we have had. Whether you're a fan of Team Hardcore or Team ActionSack, we all have one thing in common, we all love Halo 2!

I'm sure there are some of you out there that dislike me, due to various changes to matchmaking or things I have said that you disagree with. I just want to say to you guys specifically, cry more newblets! Just because we don't do everything the way you think it should be done, doesn't mean there's something wrong with it.

Oh and props go out to the Cavegirls! You're a kickass group and a credit to our community, I <heart> you all.

That is all,

Ninja vanish!


Thanks Jeremiah, you rock!

We're busy working on a bunch of IP products right now. Some tedious, some exciting. One, a big secret that we've kept for ages, is nearing some kind of completion. Remember conspiracy fans, IPs are things like posters, soundtracks, novels etc. More on that stuff later. And none of them have anything to do with our next project. They are all Halo 2 related, in fact. We did look at some new Prophet head molds this week, for possible new Prophet action figures. STILL no update on the Vol. 2 Soundtrack other than to say, sheesh, it's still coming.

Finally, some guy asked if I could do Mister Chief as Hurley from Lost. Crimeny. Since Hurley is by far my favorite Lostee, I agreed.

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Posted 11 December 2005 - 01:08 AM

Bob Sapp could also play the parts of trees (just add leaves) and large boulders.

The man is 6'5 and 350. Bring it ON

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Posted 16 December 2005 - 05:41 PM

Bungie Weekly Update: December 16, 2005

Marty finally, definitely, absolutely and positively confirmed that the Halo 2 Soundtrack, Vol. 2, will go on sale "Um, maybe, sometime uh, first quarter? Yes. First quarter of 2006 for sure!"

Could you be more specific? - I entreated the wizened one. But nope, first quarter is as specific as we're going to get. All I can say Marty, is that this had better be a masterpiece. Maybe Marty is just master showman who knows how to string an audience along. Or maybe he's just senile. Perhaps we will never know.

After the success of the Halo novels by Eric Nylund and William Dietz, we're currently having discussions internally about what direction the next Halo novel(s) should take. There's a lot of cool story ideas out there (and in here) and we're looking carefully at our options. So, novel fans, there is momentum?but no promises yet. We won't do anything that isn't super sweet. In the meantime, you should read this book: GREATEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN BY DUDES and learn about Ninjas.

This week, every day has felt like a Friday. We did a thing called the "Bungie Fair" which as really a big show and tell where the various groups ? art, design, engineering, all showed off their work from our next project, some of it in the form of multimedia presentations, some of it in very real, discernable graphics, running as actual gameplay with placeholder graphics. Some of it even had sound effects and music.

Naturally most of the stuff is still shrouded in secrecy, but I did get to see a taste of a lovely user interface. It's amazing what you can do with higher resolutions and lots more power. My favorite UIs ever include TiVo, PSP and of course the 360 "blade" interface. The UI I saw during that demo was every bit as elegant and in some ways, more dramatic than any of those. And simply because of the nature of UI ? it looked "finished." Which was kind of shocking, although in reality, it was very early, and it will probably undergo many, many complete overhauls before it ships.

But ironically, the way we're prototyping aspects of this next game mean that even some gameplay tests, demos and experiments, are surprisingly polished and playable. We're all in the giddy position of being "forced" to play moments and elements from the next project.

Studio Manager Pete Parsons thought it was a Renaissance faire, and even though we explained it to him, he still ate too much fried dough and threw up after twirling merrily around the maypole. Tra-la-la.

I've been playing around in Halo 2 for a while on Live, mostly on 360. For the first time since Halo 2 launched, the majority of my Friends List is playing something else ? usually Geometry Wars, COD2, PDZ or PGR3. A significant number of them actually appear to be in the dashboard. One started a private chat with me while he watched a DVD and I played Geometry Wars. Which was kind of surreal.

Still no shortage of IDIOTS on Live though. One complete assclown spent the entire game belittling his own team for not being as good as him, even though we were handily beating the rival team. It would be one thing if he were one of those twelve year old screaming Saturday morning idiots, but this was a 20-something dude, trolling Team Snipers and plainly acting like this in every game he played. I hope he's reading this. And I hope he examines his life. Here's a laundry list of his qualities for him to ponder:

1. I am a 20-something year old male professional.
2. I log onto Xbox Live and yell at strangers who are trying to enjoy themselves.
3. I belittle players who are actually helping me.
4. I ruin the experience for everyone.
5. I gain nothing from this other than the disrespect and hatred of those I encounter.
6. This is plainly a big part of my life.
7. I am a thoughtless, lonely bigot with no friends or life.
8. If anyone I knew saw me behave like this they would never speak to me again.

Most games I've played are pretty mellow though, and I'm surprised that I still play Halo 2 as often as I do. One problem with that is that I expect all online games to sort of behave like that. So I have a devil of a time with every new UI I encounter, and I have a huge stack of games I really should be playing, and am not. It looks like this:

Animal Crossing (DS)
GTA Liberty City Stories (PSP)
Perfect Dark Zero
Ridge Racer 6
Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

I should get to them during the Holiday break (sorry Bill O'Reilly, but they GOT to me).

The Bungie Princess has been very busy. She arranged a special private screening of King Kong for us, which WOULD have been the greatest thing ever ? the studio (thanks to the guys from Universal for flying up especially) got us a studio print ? which entails much better colors, almost no scratches and better color matching between reels ? except that the movie theater, bless ?em, loaded the reels in the wrong order. The first part of the movie ? up until the arrival at Skull Island, was fine, then it suddenly cut to a fraught, dirtied Naomi Watts and we were all "whaaaaa!?"

We had to leave the theater while they spent a couple of hours re-threading the reel. I was busy so I missed the second half. I heard there is a monkey in it. Are we spoiled babies? Oh yes indeed. I will go and pay $9 to see it myself this weekend. I was very excited.

Bungie Princess has also been putting together plans for our holiday party, which is apparently at a mountaintop hotel resort called the Overlook, where a Mr. Torrance will be our guide. Sounds safe enough. He says entertainment will include The Twins, Bath Lady and a "Crazy Maze!" Seems like it should be a blast.

No new movement on the movie front, or at least, nothing we can tell you about at this time. As a matter of fact, we've been quite busy on movie stuff this week but it's just not our secret to share with you.

I did get this mail today ? and it's typical of a number of mails I've gotten on the subject:

Snipers rank system should be reset because 90% of the people that have these ranks dont even deserve them and their destroying everyone else stats because of this. I was a 31 when i started and now im a 28 because everytime i go in by myself i get matched with people that are like 27 and up but they play like their a 3. These people are screwing everything up and it should be fixed. The only way to do this is to reset everyones snipers ranks and go from their. Even though their will be stand byers and modders like their is now that's why i dont go in with a party because 99% of the time you get cheated. So if you and everyone else can reset this me and my friends will be thankful. please reset them thanks.

The short answer is no. We are not going to reset the ranks because you're upset that your rank fell. Folks like you specifically requested that Snipers be ranked and now it is. You will have to endure the normalizing of the level system which means sometimes you will lose a game. You will lose a game because your TEAM did not perform as well as the other TEAM which statistically had the same likelihood of containing less-skilled players as yours. Your rank is designed to match you with similarly skilled players, and after a period of ranked games, it should do so smoothly. So deal with it. Patience please.

We also are still receiving complaints that Snipers is ranked at all, from folks who enjoyed it when it was a more leisurely, less competitive environment. All we ask of ALL our players is that they treat others with respect. If you're unhappy with a less skilled team mate, keep your opinion to yourself or how about this ? give the other player some pointers?

Personally I tend towards preferring Snipers unranked because I am a huge baby, but I will be perfectly happy once my skills are "normalized" by the ranking system. It's also nice to go into ranked games as the weak-but-careful link in a party.

And to the endless, endless letters I get about ? "I thought Modding was fixed," or "I thought standby was fixed." Let me say this one. Last. Time:

Modders get banned. All of them. If they go on Live, their account is spotted and banned. It takes a week or two. Then yes, sometimes they get a "2 month," and sometimes they learn their lesson. We don't control the two month accounts, so there's not much we can do.

We also got a lot of feedback about the "SlugFest" Spartan in Dead or Alive 4. One common theme was that this was a "cash-in" thing ? I should reiterate, not a penny changed hands, we did this because we (Team Ninja and Bungie) wanted to do it.

I will keep you guys updated should anything fancy or awesome happen next week, but don't count on it. It's Holiday time (sorry Bill) and Bungie folks will all be kicking it with our loved ones, and I will attempt to emulate that by standing near people who can tolerate me.

Finally, somebody asked me to strip Mr. Chief down to his basic components (you know, because he was so sophisticated and complicated before). So here it is. Shudder.

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Posted 07 January 2006 - 12:50 AM

Halo 2 Soundtrack Volume 2 70:06

1. Prologue 2:35
1. Rising :20
2. Cloistered Expectancy :25
3. Weight of Failure 1:50
2. Cairo Suite 9:42
1. Cold Blue Light 1:54
2. Waking Spartan 3:36
3. Jeweled Hull 2:03
4. Chill Exposure 2:09
3. Mombasa Suite 6:41
1. Metropole 1:29
2. Broken Gates 2:47
3. Encounter 2:25
4. Unyielding 3:04
5. Mausoleum Suite 8:10
1. Destroyer?s Invocation 4:36
2. Falling Up 1:49
3. Infected 1:16
4. Shudder :29
6. Unforgotten 2:09
7. Delta Halo Suite 11:26
1. Penance 2:32
2. Wage 2:42
3. Leonidas 2:28
4. Dust and Bones 3:44
8. Sacred Icon Suite 7:26
1. Cortege 3:38
2. Opening Volley :28
3. Veins of Stone 3:20
9. Reclaimer 3:03
10. High Charity Suite 8:27
1. Rue and Woe 1:30
2. Respite 2:17
3. Antediluvia 2:22
4. Pursuit of Truth 2:18
11. Finale 3:10
1. Great Journey 1:15
2. Thermopylae Soon 1:55
12. Epilogue 3:49
1. Beholden 1:03
2. Road to Voi 2:19
3. Subsume :27

Halo 2 Soundtrack Volume 2 looks awesome... organized by level, and only featuring the works of one Martin O'Donnell, no Hoobastank, thank you very much. I can't wait!

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