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In Topic: WRUP?

22 March 2018 - 12:01 PM

Anyone playing sea of thieves?

In Topic: Nintendo Switch

14 March 2018 - 11:06 AM

You can craft without playing the same 7 second song when selecting the attributes from inside the menu that you just opened for the 15th time because you need to mix a hearty raddish with raw meat to give you full recovery with 3 bonus hearts.

In Topic: Nintendo Switch

13 March 2018 - 01:03 PM

I hate played my way through Zelda.  Found all shrines, got the iconic Zelda look going into the final fight with the Hylian Shield, Master Sword.  I don't understand why this was everyone's GotY.  You had to be in menus every couple of minutes.  Whether it was for sword breaking, bow, shield...  Changing your clothes to match the temperature.  Gathering ingredients.  Throw em in a pot.  Sit through the same damn animation whether it was your first dish or your thousandth and first dish.  The game was only FUN when exploring or the 30 seconds of fighting dangerous monsters between hitting the context menu after your latest weapon broke. 


Zelda wasn't the best game of 2017, hell it wasn't even the best Switch game of 2017.


Got the full ending, took that shit game out of my Switch, put in Mario Odyssey, and discovered fun again.  Seriously, Mario is the antithesis of everything the new Zelda is.  Namely, fun. 

In Topic: Moar TIE Fighters and shit

13 March 2018 - 12:46 PM

Let's talk Last Jedi!

I immediately latched onto how the opening was the same as the first teaser for TFA. Then noticed other similarities throughout. It's why Disney is Disney. They make you feel the feels without really knowing WHY you're feeling the feels.

I love Disney.

I hope they are not going down the path that the NJO books did with Vergere and the One Force theory. Where there was no light or dark side, just the Force and how it was used by the person made it Good or Bad.

The backlash to that was so intense, that they retconned the whole thing in the next series. I think this is a red herring, with Luke's "It's time for the Jedi.... To end" signifying his view at the start, with him coming around by the final act.

I'm also convinced that Rose, the Resistance tech whose actress they had at the panel and the introduced as a major character, is a FO spy. Pretty sure she's responsible for the hangar explosion. Also, Phasma is walking into that same hangar in her shot after the explosion, so it's ground based. I've seen speculation that it was a hangar in a ship, but I'm convinced it's planet based.

Also, we get a brief glimpse of the Jedi Academy burning, as Luke falls to his knees next to R2. Pretty sure this will be during the explanation of Rey's origin. Still betting that Kylo is the one who took her to Jakku.

lol I'm so dumb.

In Topic: Movies

13 March 2018 - 09:58 AM

Best movies of 2017 that I saw, that most people would want to see:


1. Get Out

2. Lady Bird

3. Baby Driver

4. The Disaster Artist

5. It

6. Blade Runner 2049

7. Thor: Ragnarok

8. Logan

9. Lego Batman

10. Split


Worst Movies that I saw:

1. Baywatch

2. Justice League

3. Kong: Skull Island

4. The Dark Tower

5. The Great Wall

6. American Assassin

7. xXx: The Return of Xander Cage

8. Life

9. The Belko Experiment

10. The Last Jedi (You have NO idea how much it hurts me to put this here)

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