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#9236525 Halo 4: Dark Planetoid Rising

Posted by A. Nonymous on 04 June 2008 - 05:43 AM in The Reclaimer Saga

:smile:In all actuality, the real question we should be asking is not where the Chief is but when he is.

Most estimates put him at 536 years before the first firing of the Array and before the Flood were uncovered. The Chief is revealed to be Didact and Cortana is actually the Librarian, given a Forerunner body upon accessing their world. The two's romance was cut short by the Flood and 300 years of bloodshed.

Does this come from the GS 343 line, "Last time you asked me if it were my choice [to fire the ring]..."?

#9235650 Hypothesis on Sangheili Evolution

Posted by A. Nonymous on 26 May 2008 - 06:20 PM in Halo Universe

while I would call this 'reading a little too much into it' (like that thread about High Charity being an Inside job, I would still call it pretty clever.

I agree, this was an interesting read.

[threadjack]You misunderstood me, however, I suppose I wasn't very clear...my bad.

"Inside job" is the last chapter/caption that I recall prior to seeing the Mysterious Yellow Fluid...I only wanted to know if anyone knew what it was. What better place to ask than a civilized and unconvoluted forum like bnet?[/threadjack]

#9234727 Forerunner Questions

Posted by A. Nonymous on 14 May 2008 - 10:38 AM in Halo Universe

I knew that, but I thought it crashed on Delta Halo before the Flood Crashed it into High Charity. Turns out that the wreckage is a Sentinel Factory; you can see it being shot down around the 100,000 years war chapter.

#9234713 Mysterious Yellow Fluid

Posted by A. Nonymous on 14 May 2008 - 02:00 AM in Halo Universe

No, it's yellowish...maybe yellow-green; when I first saw it, I thought of the Flood.

It certainly is not of Lekgolo origin :smile:

If it were a blood, it could be Yanme'e (judging by the color), but blood doesn't freely move around in Halo. Shooting it did not seem to produce any effect on it.

#9234711 Mysterious Yellow Fluid

Posted by A. Nonymous on 13 May 2008 - 10:35 PM in Halo Universe

I seem to recall that this puddle moves around freely (not like debris scattered around New Mombassa, for example) and it's the only place I've ever seen this particular phenomenon.

#9234709 Mysterious Yellow Fluid

Posted by A. Nonymous on 13 May 2008 - 09:34 PM in Halo Universe

Sorry I don't, and I won't have my 360 for a while, but this puddle is on one of the three prison floors, not through the doors leading to the individual cells. I do not remember if it appears before, or after the Master Chief releases the marines.

#9234660 Mysterious Yellow Fluid

Posted by A. Nonymous on 13 May 2008 - 02:09 PM in Halo Universe

During the Marine jailbreak portion of the H2 campaign, there are a few puddles of a moving yellow substance (Flood??) on the ground (sorry, I don't remember which floor they are on). Is there any information about what this is? I'm pretty sure this occurs prior to the Flood controlled In Amber Clad crashing into High Charity.

#9234659 Forerunner Questions

Posted by A. Nonymous on 13 May 2008 - 02:02 PM in Halo Universe

If they had found the ring before Regret attacked Earth then I would assume a large fleet would be attached to it due to it's significance. Not to mention that the prophets would have almost certainly take up residence on their most holy artifact. ...Though now that I think about it, in the level where Arbiter is searching for the Index does anyone else feel that, when inside the burning hulks (right after you destroy two wraiths, a scorpian, and several sentinels) that you're running through the reactor core of a Human vessel?

If I recall correctly, that is In Amber Clad. I *think* that at some certain point in the campaign, if you look to the sky, you can see IAC crashing down (on the ring, not High Charity). I could be wrong...I loaned out my 360 three months ago, so I can't just go look for it (might be seen on H3 LE disc, too...if I can make the time, I'll look for it).

#9234532 Forerunner Questions

Posted by A. Nonymous on 10 May 2008 - 06:09 PM in Halo Universe

Pertaining to the Precursors: In Halo 2, as you're merrily cutting your way through wave after wave of Covenant ground forces, you make your way into a temple-like structure. If you've been astute, you'd have already notcied that many of the buildings scattered across this instilation have a more "organic" feel. They appear to be made of stone and not the traditional alloy that the Forerunner's employed when building their structures. So it comes to pass that in this temple Cortana says, "They built these structures around existing ones" and then mentions that she's unsure why but she's looking into it. Why is this? Are these buildings a peice of Forerunner history, transplanted to preserve the memory of their roots? Or, more intruiging, could some of the rings have been repurposed? Perhaps they weren't always weapons but bonified habitats, or perhaps the original design was never the Forerunners. Saying that even a portion of the structures present on the ring weren't original leads me to wonder if perhaps the original ring was of Precursor origin.

I am under the impression that the

Maybe the ring was inhabited (by what race, I do not know) and built on top of existing structures, as a sort of tribute to the forerunners. As to the whereabouts of this species, I would presume that it was consumed by the flood ages ago--

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