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24 February 2018 - 09:58 AM

Seems we might possibly getting a PC port? Of course, some really fucking stupid ideas getting upvoted, but maybe it would be worth it to sign up for an account and suggest something...
For me, behind PC support with an actual server browser and custom map/game/gametype rotations, it would be fixing the horrendous UI/user experience.

I'm not holding my breath for anything 343 does, but if they made the MCC a play-anywhere game so that I don't have to buy it again on PC, that would be nice. Releasing classic Halo on Steam with full modding support would be nicer though, even if it means I have to buy them again.

In Topic: Death Stranding

08 December 2017 - 01:33 PM

There's this notion that Hideo Kojima is a genius. I don't have an opinion one way or the other because I haven't really played his games, but all these Death Stranding trailers have been incomprehensible insanity and not really a suggestion of genius, in my opinion. This seems like one of those things that, by the end, is going to raise far more questions than answers, and you're still gonna be all like: "What the fuck even happened?"

In Topic: WRUP?

04 December 2017 - 09:00 AM

I've been playing a lot of Assassins Creed Origins lately since it was on sale last week and it takes a lot of cues from The Witcher. Not nearly as interesting a story but the combat is nice and tight and the world is the best Ubisoft has ever made. The year off was exactly what this franchise needed and I'm having a blast.

I'm curious what you like about the combat in AC: Origins. I haven't played it, but it always looked like tryhard (bad) Dark Souls combat. The animations and dodges look janky, enemies weirdly freeze when they get hit, and it seems like it takes a ton of hits to kill anything.

In Topic: WRUP?

01 December 2017 - 07:58 AM

Been eyeing GPU's (have been using a friend's 970), but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

There's never a "good time" to buy a GPU because the next best thing is always on the horizon. I always see people saying to wait for the next generation of GPUs, but when those launch, they're hard to get and overpriced (Founder's Editions). By the time the "normal editions" reach a decent price, they announce the next generation GPUs, and the cycle continues. All of this has been exacerbated thanks to bitcoin miners driving up the prices. I bought a 1070 for $400 to replace my 760 and I'm not sure that was a good deal, but I had been wanting to bite for a while.

Battlefront 2.

I'm so sorry.

In Topic: WRUP?

30 November 2017 - 08:45 AM

Kinda curious what games people have been playing recently. For those of you who still play video games, I'd find it hard to believe if you haven't found something to play, as there's no shortage of quality games out right now. Here are my thoughts on a few of the games I've played over the past few months:
  • Witcher 3: I recently upgraded my GPU and the first thing I wanted to do was play through the Witcher 3 again in all of its glory. It took me six weeks and 159 hours to do a full New Game+ playthrough (including both expansions). This is still one of the best games I've ever played and both expansions just solidified my opinion on it -- Blood and Wine especially. The size of Blood and Wine (geographically, story, quests, new mechanics, other content) is crazy when the entirety of most other AAA games are smaller than one of the Witcher 3's DLCs. Looking at it from a financial point-of-view, The Witcher 3's season pass is $30 for about 50 hours of additional game. Deus Ex Mankind Divided was on sale recently, and I looked up its season pass (also $30) and found out that it includes 2 new side quests and some in-game currency. $30 -- half the price of a game -- for what probably amounts to 5% of what you get in Blood and Wine. I was triggered. I need other developers to get on CD Projekt Red's level. 5/5 baby.
  • Abzu: After spending six weeks in the Witcher 3's world, I was ready for something short and sweet, and boy was this game short. If you don't know what this game is, it's like Journey except underwater. If you don't know what Journey is, then you suck. The game is visually perfect, but it was hard to see past the fact that it's a 2 hour game with no replay value -- especially because I just finished a game with one of the best price-to-content ratios in existence. It's a $20 game and I'm glad I paid nothing close to that. Barely a 3/5.
  • Doom: I've been wanting to get this game for some time now since it has gotten so much praise. When the game was first revealed, I was concerned about two things: the glory kills pausing gameplay and the generic scifi facility environments. From having now finished the game, I can say that glory kills don't "pause" combat like I expected them to. Rather, it's more akin to taking a breath in-between the fast-paced high-energy gameplay. My concerns about the environments, however, were mostly found to be true. There's a few Hell missions which are a nice visual-change, but most of the missions take place in generic grey and brown scifi facility environments that I've seen in a hundred other games. It gets pretty bad when you go through the same environment in two different missions. Other than that: the music is great, the arcade mode is a novelty, the multiplayer is horse trash. 3.5/5. Definitely deserves a sequel though.
  • Rocket League: This is still the only multiplayer game I play because it's one of the few examples of a competitive game that doesn't frustrate me or provoke my inner crybaby. It's better than it's ever been, as Psyonix has done a great job supporting it, and although Rocket League is one of those games with lootboxes in it, they are purely cosmetic items which can be easily ignored and not something deeply ingrained into the progression system like in certain other games. Still a 5/5.
  • Halo SPV3: I haven't finished this yet because it's not fucking incredible by any means, but it's great for what it is and deserves a lot of praise and respect for being a quality mod released over 14 years after Halo PC came out. The mod team greatly expanded on some of the missions (like doubling the length of Assault on the Control Room) which is pretty cool, but a 2.5 hour mission can really start to drag. I can't be too critical of it considering it was made from a place of pure love and dedication (and costs $0). If you have Halo PC, maybe check it out.
One of these days I'm gonna get a Nintendo Switch and play Zelder.

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