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Weapon glitch database

Halo 2

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#1 Syracuse022


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Posted 03 January 2006 - 01:16 AM

Currently more and more weaponglitches are being discovered.
This is a database to write them down so everyone can see them.
The instructions are described in the default button lay-out.
Fill me in if I missed any tricks.

Quick Reload: X,Y,Y or X,B
After a certain time in a reload animation, the weapon is reloaded, pressing Y,Y, enables you to fire again. This also works to cancel out the swords 'reload time' since there is a period of waiting after a swordlunge. If you don't have a secondary weapon (Y,Y is switch back and forth), then press X and after the weapon is reloaded press B to melee.

Cancel Reload: Y,Y
During reload you might decide to want to open fire again, press Y,Y before the weapon has reloaded and you can continue fire with the ammo left.

Quick Switch: Y,B,Y,Y
If you want to be the faster combo-whore after releasing a plasma bolt, just switch, melee and switch, switch and you'll be able to fire a splitsecond before you combo-opposition can.

Double Melee: B,X,B
As soon as your melee has hit your opponent and the damage is done, you can cancel the rest of the animation with X and melee again.

Switch Melee: B,Y,B
As soon as your melee has hit your opponent and the damage is done, you can switch to your other weapon with Y and melee with that weapon again.

MeleeFire: B,X,R
As soon as your melee has hit your opponent and the damage is done, you can cancel the rest of the animation with X and open fire again. If done optimal it will seem like a melee and shot at the same time. To be done with a full clip.

MeleeSnipe: B,X,R
This trick is ment to use your melee lunge as an auto-aim for your sniper in order to succesfully no-scope. Works the same way as MeleeFire, but try to press X before hitting your opponent, because then you still have the full use of the lunge.

MeleeStuck: B,X,L
When you lunge towards an opponent for the melee you can cancel the full animation in order to use the lunge towards your enemy to get a plasma grenade attached. Works best when the melee has not hit yet, since then you are still moving towards him.

Overheat nade: Charge,R,Y,L
When you release a plasma bolt after the pistol is charged and released you can hit Y and L quickly after eachother. What will happen is that the grenade will fly without its throwing animation. Helps if you missed the plasma shot because your opponent goes behind a wall. After the grenade is thrown there is a small time you can not shoot, but doing a cancel reload (Y,Y) fixes that.

Double Nade: Charge,R,pause,L,L
When you release a plasma bolt after the pistol is charged or when another plasma weapon has overheated (Beam Rifle, Plasma Rifle) wait one second and press L,L in order to through two grenades rapidly after eachother. With the right timing you can throw them almost at the same time. You can also set traps with this, deliberately missing a plasma shot, then surprising your opponents with a rain of grenades. You can switch back to your battle rifle, but only after the first nade is thrown.

Dual Nade: L,Y,B,L (On-host)
Not to be confused, but do to be combined with the Double Nade. The Dual nade is an entirely different trick that uses the picking up and dropping of dual wieldable weapons to cancel the time intersection between two grenade throws. Basically you stand on a dual wieldable weapon, holding a dual wieldable weapon, then press L to throw your first grenade, hold Y to pick up the dual wieldable weapon, B to melee and throw the weapon away and L to grenade again. With boxer settings the sequel would be L,Y,L.
Note - This trick can also be used in combination with the Double Nade, using the plasma pistol as the first dual wieldable weapon for a deathtrap of three grenades.

Double Fire: R,R,X
The hardest one of all; quickly press R, then as soon as you have your R unreleased again, quickly squeeze it again and this time hold, quickly after the controller has registered the start of the holding press X in order two have the two shots burst out at the same time or rapidly following eachother. Timing is crucial, there is about 1/10th of a second to do so and within that second pace of the shots is also determined. You will know its succesfull when you see no reloading animation, but have a full clip again with 6 bullets less. You can also cancel the actual reloading by the Cancel Reload, but more usefull is to Doublefire and then instantly throw a grenade to cancel the reloading, this also seems to be the quickest way to get damage across a map.

[b]Nade Reload: L,X, (Off-host)

If you have shot a few rounds out of your clip already and you want to reload and shoot at the same time, then press L, then quickly press X while doing the reload animation and then just keep shooting the rounds you have left in your clip while the gun reloads at the same time.
Note - Works only when you are not host, due to communication error towards the host.

Suicide shot: R,R,Y (secondary weapon)
This is a technique that can help you get out of a bad spawn without losing a point. When you press R,R,Y (al quickly after eachother, the results of the button pressing comes later) and move forward the following happens. You will fire one shot, then switch to your other weapon and then fire another shot. If you have moved forward during the button sequence, the second burst will hit you, because it will still come from the place where you pressed the second R.

[b]***I HAVENT TRIED THIS ONE****Extended second burst: R,R,Y (no secondary weapon)

A very usefull trick if you want to land two precision shots without having the pulling of the trigger as an interruption so you can use the autoaim optimal. The shots will come out at normal speed, but the second burst will come automatically.

Instant death: R,R,Y,B
The hardest to pull off, but also the quickest way to make someone die with a battle rifle. Stand in front of them and aim at his/her head, then by pressing R,R,Y,B quickly you will first fire one shot, then switch, melee and fire the second shot. The melee is to be pressed when you see the secondary weapon model. You could use the B,X,R, but with this trick you will always do damage, because of the first shot and on top of that you can do it with a not-full clip.
Note - You do not want to run forward while getting in range for the melee, because then you will have the second shot hitting you in the back of your head.

Keep in mind that these glitches can also be used to expand eachother, basically untill it turnes into a tekken tag combat!

from MLG's forums

#2 Vanwadilion



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Posted 03 January 2006 - 01:25 AM

Wow, I had no idea there were so many. Cuse, if you get a chance, would you mind reposting this one more time with the ones you find useful bolded or highlighted? Thanks.

#3 Syracuse022


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Posted 20 February 2006 - 07:28 PM

Okay, so I don't know how many of you took my advice to heart back when I was playing a lot and I pointed out something a lot of you guys didn't know/hadn't picked up on. In case you haven't noticed, certain weapons make a HELL of a lot of noise when one spawns or switches to them. Most prominent for the gametypes we play is the shotgun, especially with the new MLG rule changes. When you pull out the shotgun, it makes a ridiculous CHA-CHINK that can be heard from very far away. If you're not interested in announcing to everyone within 25 feet that you are trying to get close to them to go Dick Cheney on their asses, I would recommend meleeing any time you pull out your shotgun. And for those of you that are really behind, in the interest of being comprehensive, when you pick up a sword, for the love of God, press Y immediately so that it doesn't make the "HEY EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME" crackle noise. I've been playing a lot of SMG start gametypes recently, and the SMG has a similar noise problem, and although I'm not sure whether meleeing cancels out the SMG's noise, I would imagine it does and it can't hurt to melee off the spawn in SMG start games. But that's not my trick... that's just a good, very useful thing to keep in mind, because it cuts down on the number of noises that ninjas like Team 3D can track you with. MY TRICK... B-X-R!!!!! Yay!!!! hahahahahahhahaha you guys got fuckin' owned you got all excited... BUT WAIT! It's only good with headshot weapons, right? No, and no... If you get all blazed like dwchief and think about the possibilities, outside the box, to use B-X-R, you'll think of some semi-useful stuff. Remember when we used to cut reloads short (especially with the carbine) by meleeing when the clip hit the chamber? Well, in a pinch, or when you don't have a secondary weapon to do the Y-Y trick, you can B-X-R straight into firing, a hell of a lot faster than you normally would be able to, especially with guns like the carbine... You can also go for the B-X-click, as I like to call it, a variation on a Halo 1 trick where you could melee out of a reload and instantly zoom. The problem with this is that in Halo 2 a lot of the melees cause your reticule to swing wildly, especially with the Sniper Rifle, the gun that this trick might be most useful for, so that one's kind of a bust. But the most exciting new thing that I've started using B-X-R for, and the real reason I got you guys all excited is this... the shotgun... OMG. So what if you could do B-X-R without a full clip? With the shotgun, you can. You guys should already be firing the shotgun in a shot-punch fashion, because you've been so well trained by Halo 1, and by the fact that one shot with the Halo 2 shotgun is almost never enough. Well, in between shots is an agonizing wait, almost, if not more than, a full second if I remember correctly from my modding days. But not anymore... After the melee, hit X and then hit R... You cut the wait down by so much, you'll feel like you're shooting an automatic shotgun. Plus, the added benefits of lunge melees are thrown in during very close battles, as the lunge does a lot of the aiming for you. Try it out, tool around, see how awesome it is for yourself, and thank me later. Or don't. You bastards.


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Posted 20 February 2006 - 08:00 PM


#5 Jironimo


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Posted 20 February 2006 - 08:27 PM

Do you think about how to throw in my name and a reefer nod for every fucking post you make?

Flattering really, but not neccesary.

Alright, so you boast and announce to the world how you like to get high and then you don't like anyone to bring it up? Doesn't make a lot of sense, but from now on I don't want to hear anymore about your smoking since it's not a topic of discussion. We didn't start this board to hear about how wasted you get just so you could hold it against people when they bring it up.

If you want people to respect you, first you must earn and give respect.

#6 Vanwadilion



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Posted 20 February 2006 - 10:03 PM

I had noticed what Syracuse was talking about to some degree when I first learned about B-X-R. I messed around with it a little bit, but basically forgot about it because usually I'd rather sever off my arm to a bloody stump than pick up a H2 shotty with my connection. Thanks for bringing it up again though, because as you mentioned, with the new changes the shotgun has a bit more importance. I'm going to have to experiment a bit, as I hadn't really thought about the lunge melees helping you out, so that's good to know.

#7 Supa Ben

Supa Ben
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Posted 21 February 2006 - 08:04 AM

Today I pulled off my first I'm going to die so I might as well try this rrx on Van. I beat him by just a little bit, but I was so happy.

#8 Vanwadilion



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Posted 21 February 2006 - 10:35 AM

Yeah, and I was just as thrilled as Supa :angry:

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