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Today, 03:05 PM

Guys, help me.  I'm doing that thing again.


That thing where I get excited for Call of Duty.  I haven't played a game of COD since Advanced Warfare.  I completely skipped Blops 3 and peaced out on Infinite due to the MWR debacle.


But this WW2 game with its new War mode looks like a heck of a time.


Somebody tell me that Activision is doing Supply Drops and that whole mess, and I'll be unable to care about CoD once more.

Details about the Headquarters mode:




  • Michael Condrey really loved going to Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft, and given the growing popularity of towns in shooters, thought it would be a good thing to add to Call of Duty.
  • The town contains 48 players at a time.
  • The town has a bunch of quest givers who give you missions. These include the recruitment officer, the challenge officer, and the division officer.
  • These missions range from one time things like "create your first emblem" to daily challenges.
  • There are also social quests that just try to get you in various missions like "go play 1v1" or "go play Nazi Zombies".
  • All of these quests give you various rewards.
  • The town has a firing range that all 48 players can participate in at once if they like.
  • There's also a 1v1 dueling pit in town to emulate the idea of having duels in an MMO town.
  • You can talk with other people in town via voice chat, quick chat, or "era-appropriate emotes".
  • There's a new commendation system that feeds into a social score. You can give commendations for anything ranging from being a good player to being friendly to having a cool emblem.
  • Having a high social score will reward you with things like new gear pieces, new title cards, or medals among other things. I think this segment also implies your social score displays prominently somewhere or something similar.
  • They're hoping that the social score is another thing for players to tie their identity to instead of just their k/d ratio.
  • There's an in-game mail system where the game mails you various rewards as part of an effort to send you to the town. This helps get you into the social community more and also causes you to pick up your dailies and etc.
  • There's also a grouping mechanic in town to help you find groups you might like to play with. You can send out a town-wide notification if you, for example, have two people and want some more partners to go play zombies.
  • The Prestige system also takes place in town. Instead of going to a menu to prestige, you go to some kind of stage in the town where a general awards you and the entire hub gets to see you prestige.
  • They're also considering seasonal events for the town. For example, there might be VE Day festivities.
  • It sounds like they're still considering additional things for this mode in general.

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Yesterday, 05:27 PM

Does anyone have an Xbone still?


I was thinking about getting the XbX if you guys still have one/plus LIVE. Is it even worth it for MCC MP anymore? I haven't attempted to play for years now (since my Xbone was stolen).

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Yesterday, 05:26 PM

The only good Reach maps were the remade CE ones... but those sucked because we got fucking robbed of having the OG MP included in Halo Anniversary.


Fuck the fact that Hang 'Em High is gone forever. Maybe I should play some H1 PC tonight.

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Yesterday, 05:21 PM

I'll be getting Splatoon 2 and ARMS pretty soon here as well, if you even have a Switch.


Been on a handheld/mobile tear as of late - it works great with my commute (no MP on the bus though, unfortunately...)

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Yesterday, 05:19 PM

The best value in gaming this year is that AoE II bundle.

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