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25 May 2008 - 10:37 AM

Ahh...I'm finally an accepted member of this forum. Ok, I have been a fan since before Halo crossed over from a RTS to a FPS game and even followed the Cortana letters...yeah...I'm a little older, but no less enamored with the Halo universe. I just stumbled upon this website in my never-ending quest to know more about Forerunner lore and what they have here is every bit as incredible as Bungie's penchant for storytelling. I just hope somehow the story continues or Bungie return to the Marathon universe which is just as rich as the Halo universe. With all of that said, I am an absolute gamer at heart owning all three major systems right now, but I have been drawn more to the Halo universe than anything else. I live in Texas and play on Xbox Live but will be changing my gamertag soon so there is no need to post it right now. I'm guessing that is enough for now, but I would certainly entertain any questions should they arise. Thanks for having me!

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