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Hypothesis on Sangheili Evolution

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#1 Sheepe

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Posted 26 May 2008 - 12:02 PM

Okay, so I wrote this little thing a year ago, Wednesday. An interesting little thing. Since reading the article "I, Sangheili", I decided I'd post my own little contribution. Of course, it happens to have some errors (serious or otherwise), mostly due to the fact I wrote it a year ago and didn't really know much about the Sangheili. Additionally I wrote it at 5am... So, please enjoy and critic thoroughly: ----------- "Theory on Sangheili Evolution The Sangheili most likely evolved from tree leaping lizard-like hunter-scavengers, definite carnivores. They also likely evolved in a "super rain forest", a surprisingly dense forest with trees and branches. They were likely smaller than their current size and living in familial packs. From there the forest died off, line ancient Africa. A vast savannah was thus created. From here they evolved their hooves, uprightness and greater strength. The uprightness evolved to increase speed, as it would be simplest to repurpose the existing digitigrade legs than to alter the hand. From here the hooves evolved to increase foot protection. Strength evolved to combat and take down large prey beasts. However these prey became more flexible and agile in response, throwing off sangheili with greater ease. This forced the sangheili to begin to eat the more abundant fruits. This lead to a slight increase in brain size and eventual tool use, which in turn greatly improved brain size and complexity." ----------- Note: The next part was written before we knew anything about Sangheilios and I had even marked it as entirely speculative ----------- "Sangheili stand taller than humans because of their world's higher gravity, 1.17 times that of Earth's. This also explains a little of their greater strength. Sangheili were also likely prone to a (relatively) high mutation rate. Their star is 1.67 times brighter than sol and their planet about 1.24 au out from it. Their society and politics revolve around martial tradition." ----------- Well there you go. That's what I thought a year ago. And I think it might still have some decent ideas for today. Yes, I do realize that it has been largely made obsolete by information from Bungie... but I still like it. -Sheepe Yeah, that was my first post

#2 Anpheus

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Posted 26 May 2008 - 01:43 PM

This is more fan-ficy kind of stuff until Bungie releases more canon though, it's good, but most of the people on this website prefer observations based purely on the canon.

#3 Confalone

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Posted 26 May 2008 - 02:56 PM

while I would call this 'reading a little too much into it' (like that thread about High Charity being an Inside job, I would still call it pretty clever.

#4 A. Nonymous

A. Nonymous
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Posted 26 May 2008 - 06:20 PM

while I would call this 'reading a little too much into it' (like that thread about High Charity being an Inside job, I would still call it pretty clever.

I agree, this was an interesting read.

[threadjack]You misunderstood me, however, I suppose I wasn't very clear...my bad.

"Inside job" is the last chapter/caption that I recall prior to seeing the Mysterious Yellow Fluid...I only wanted to know if anyone knew what it was. What better place to ask than a civilized and unconvoluted forum like bnet?[/threadjack]

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