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In Topic: Mythic Map Pack

21 August 2008 - 09:49 PM

Going back to purple reign, did you guys immediatly think covie when you heard that, or wa sit jsut me? cuz i just immediatly think purple - covenant. in fact, i answered that on a psych test.

In Halo thinking mode, purple definatley equals covenant. If you look at the definition for Reign, it means something close to ruling. So, it could be High Charity, after infection, a part not visited in the campaing where all of the people whould have lived, or possibly something on the capitol city of Sanghelios. I think that the latter would be a bit more interesting.

In Topic: New Stuff For Halo 3 On The Horizon?

21 August 2008 - 09:40 PM

Finally something good to replace Forge mode. That's all I've been able to pick up from reading this, as my flash player isn't good enough to see the video. Even something like the tony hawk editor would be better than forge in some respects. True it wouldn't be better in all but it might be more useful. Anyway, those shots are likley from a created area within that map, or perhaps even from the Bungie Map Creator program.

In Topic: LatinoReview's "Fall Of Reach" Movie Info

21 August 2008 - 09:22 PM

Persponally, I think a movie based on this subject matter, with the other spartans, namely Kelly, Will, and the other ones, would bea good way to set the stage for a game starting off on Onyx. It'll introduce the characters, and make them known to a much wider audience than just those who read the books. But then again, a single person's opinion dun count for much. It's the will of the majority that'll get the most done. That being said, I agree with the 'concept art error' thing, but I have to point out that the training field could be modified. It could be changed to focus on certain aspects which needed focu, like speed, or just about anything else. It didn't always have to be the same, and the basket or whatever didn't always have to be there. And, I also want to see John's face. I know it's not really all that important, or even cannocal, but it would be interesting. It would also be interesting to see John's fight against the ODSTs during the microgravity therapy, if that part dun get cut. That's important towards the development of his character, as it places the first true strain on John's decision making. Another truly important event that would be epic to see on the screen would be the 'infiltration' of the covie ship above Chi Cheti 4. To have a covie ship not just rendered with high-end special effects, but damaged as well, and the energy shields glowing sliver, instead of the pale purple of the elites armor would be a great sight. It's also important to remember that he film would be meant to bring the Halo series to the eyes of those who haven't played the games, mabye some who haven't ever even picked up an Xbox controller, as impossible as that may seem. And if the Cortana factor is really that important, there can be some scenes showing her 'birth,' from that flash-cloned brain of Dr. Hasley's. Oh yeah, that's another thing. We'd get to see the mastermind herself, Dr. Caroline Hasley. I can't see her getting cut from the movie. Two major things I can see as getting cut for time are the first SPARTAN-II mission on that asteroid mase, and the first test of the true MLJONIR armor, the first synchronization of John and Cortana. Most people probably dun realize that Cortana wasn't just the AI from the Pillar of Autumn.

In Topic: Bungie Weekly Update

05 May 2008 - 12:12 PM

Okay, I get it. No more colors from me, unless there is a specific reason for a certain post, or certain part of a post, to stand out from the rest. Someone's already talked to me about it.

In Topic: New here? Introduce yourself.

04 May 2008 - 12:30 PM

Well there's alot of that, but not so much in E8.

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