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#9239629 Mythic Map Pack

Posted by Blueblur1 on 06 September 2008 - 09:28 AM in Original Trilogy

And if someone could post this on GAF (if its allowed), go ahead because I can't post there yet and I'm sure they would love to see it, just give me credit!

It has been done.

#9239605 Mythic Map Pack

Posted by Blueblur1 on 04 September 2008 - 09:55 AM in Original Trilogy

One othe possibility I hadn't considered.

What if rather than ship a stand-alone map pack - which is what I and others assumed - this is from a second disc to be bundled with the Platinum/greatest hits version of Halo 3? (Similar to what is out for Gears of War right now - an updated version will all DLC maps included.)

Work with me. The Halo 3 disc is stuffed to the gills; IIRC, there's not even enough room for the Heroic maps, not to mention Legenday, Cold Storage or Mythic. It might make sense for Bungie to put all the maps on one seperate disc so that at least you could have access to them all without having to install them to HDD. (The title screen has everything but Campaign on it.)

I still don't know what to make of the Achievements or potential map names. I think hoping for SIX maps might be raising expectations a bit high.

That does sound plausible BUT Halo 3 probably won't be made a Platinum Hits title for while much like what happened with Halo 2. Microsoft will leave it at $60 for as long as possible. Maybe a separate disc will be released and eventually bundled with a Platinum Hits version of Halo 3 sometime in late 2009 when sales may have dropped off.

#9239603 New here? Introduce yourself.

Posted by Blueblur1 on 04 September 2008 - 09:38 AM in Off-Topic

Hey, I should introduce myself shouldn't I? Name's Jose. I was born in Cuba but have lived in Miami, FL since I was 2 years old. Needless to say, I don't remember jack squat about Cuba. I'm 23 years old now and have been gaming since the Atari/NES days. I got into Halo because my friend bought an Xbox 1 at launch and slowly got all of us really into Halo:CE. It was like going from 0 to 60 because our group (like 12 of us) immediately started holding LAN parties every week for years. About a year before Halo 2 launched, I started surfing the Bungie.net forums and discovered HBO. I would check HBO every single day (until summer last year where I had replaced HBO with NeoGAF but now I surf both regularly). I had heard of most of the Halo fan communities but never really bothered to check them out. I met Cocopjojo and Voc late last year on NeoGAF and started reading the articles on AJ. Now I'm here on the forums! :banana: Gamertag: Total Sacrifice

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