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#1 NJ Shlice

NJ Shlice

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Posted 24 August 2010 - 07:31 AM

What are your Must-Own Halo products? (Outside of the games of course.) Mine are: - The Fall of Reach (Novel) - First Strike (Novel) - The Flood (Novel) - Ghosts of Onyx (Novel) - Contact Harvest (Novel) - Halo Graphic Novel - Halo Encyclopedia I haven't read Uprising, Helljumper, Cole Protocol. I also haven't seen Legends. Do you recommended them?

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Posted 24 August 2010 - 08:56 AM

I own all the books, comics, and fiction, and I would say don't worry about the graphic novel or the encyclopedia. The graphic novel was experimental and was lacking in a lot of things. And the encyclopedia, while really cool, will likely be re-released with more information pertaining to newer games and releases. Honestly I'm kind of frustrated it doesn't have any Reach content in it, because that would seem more complete to me. All of the games from Bungie would make a complete encyclopedia in my mind, although I know that its production was probably more 343 Industries than anything. I agree with all the novels you listed. The Cole Protocol is good, by kinda keeps to its own separate story, which in itself is kind of small within the Halo universe. One thing you definitely should add on there is Evolutions, since it touches up on so many different corners of the universe, and ties a lot of things together really well. As for the comics, I suppose that depends on what you're interested in. They always seemed really short to me, and they threw in random new creations that, while cool, are more frustrating than anything because they didn't have enough time to expand upon it. I think Helljumper is the best one I've read so far, put together better and with a much more complete story. But it threw in some Forerunner stuff that, like I said, they just didn't get to fully explore. Out of all the books, Evolutions is definitely my favorite, so I'd say go with that for sure. Legends tells a lot of very good, interesting, and unique stories in Halo. But I'm not the biggest fan of anime, so it was more frustrating to me than anything. I loved the stories but I didn't feel like they were done justice through the visuals. Origins was the only one I really liked all around. But Origins was amazing, and in my mind gives us a glimpse of what we might see in future Halo games, since the episode is broken up into 'Past, Present, and Future', as it explains the 'past' of the Forerunners, the 'present' of the Human-Covenant War, and then the 'future', with a bunch of images that don't make sense to us as of yet. I could be completely wrong in this assumption and it really just is Cortana going rampant and seeing random things but this is how I've viewed it. Those're my thoughts.

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